Space Week


In the first episode, the former Director of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre - Dr. B. N. Suresh, shared his experiences working on various ambitious projects at ISRO, including Mangalyaan. He is a man who pioneered Indian Space Exploration, and gave a glimpse into the cosmos, as seen through his eyes. The episode gives a chance to the viewers to witness the rise of ISRO from the ashes, as it took its place amongst the global leaders in space exploration.




The second episode revolved around “Engineering Challenges in Human Spaceflight Program”. It was a closed-room interactive webinar with Dr. V.R. Lalithambika, Distinguished Scientist and Director, Directorate of Human Space Programme at ISRO. She has been conferred with the ISRO Performance Excellence Award, Astronautical Society of India Space Gold Medal. The session had a good number of enthusiastic participants, who found it truly inspirational.


The third episode was by one among the forerunners for laser-based interferometric gravitational wave detection and CalTech alumnus, Dr. David Reitze. It was during his tenure as Executive Director of LIGO Laboratory that the path blazing discovery of gravitational waves was made. He talked about his plans to introduce the g-waves revolution in India.


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