1. The Reader must respect the Book, even if he/she does not share their opinions, beliefs or view of life. The Human Books event is based on mutual respect.

2. The Human Book may return to the library before the time limit has been reached if the Book feels hurt or mistreated.

3. The organizers have the right to remove the reader from the session if there is any disrespect shown towards the books.

4. Please do not use cell phones during your conversation session

5. The human books welcome your questions

6. The Reader is not allowed to ask the Human Book for personal contact information.

7. If you feel uncomfortable during a conversation with a human book, you can:

8. The Reader should return the Book in the same emotional and physical condition as it was taken out.

9. All requests for further contact should be through Pragyan



Tips for Readers

Readers have participated in the much-acclaimed Human Books events in various ways. They have done so to -

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