Our Books

1. Feminist in the house

I am a feminist. And no, it didn’t make me angry or hate men. In fact, quite the contrary. It allowed me to be kind to myself and others. I look forward to sharing my personal journey of understanding what it means to be a feminist and why I think everyone should join the club.


2. Kintsugi - the art of embracing damages and mending broken souls

Indu speaks about her journey with divorce, depression and domestic violence and how she picked herself up and went on to start a support group for others dealing with issues similar to hers.


3.The feminist side of Islam

Brought up in the Middle East, you tend to identify customs in the other lands, that are regional/societal/psychological but not religious. My home and homeland India is no less. Many say it is a privilege that helps you make choices for yourself but how much are you willing to seek? to understand and believe in the other side? Is religion so fragile to be hurt by an empowered woman? Or is it the system you live in that forces you to believe so?


4. Smell blind

I can not smell. I am a book on congenital anosmia, the discovery of the sense of smell and imagining life without. Dotted with anecdotes of learning to smell using the other four senses, danger to life, my understanding of smell and how we can make life better for Anosmics.


5. Surviving Cancer

Yes, I survived. It can be treated. This is my story that will hopefully spread more awareness around the stigma cancer carries for ages.


‚Äč6. Living with Inner light

Many years ago, on a day in the month of January, a baby was born. Oh! What a joyful event it should have been for the family where a baby girl had arrived after two sons. But perhaps it was not to be as the doctors announced to the waiting family that the baby was born with everything except sight. Heartbroken, the mother went into sobs and said “how will this baby live, without being able to see this beautiful world.’ Next to her was her brave husband who replied, “she will live with the inner light” Today this baby is a professional and a family maker holding the position of a spokesperson of a well-known Organization, that's me who has always derived strength from my father a man who was till this last day positive and happy.


7. Living on the Roads

What is it like for a woman in India to hitchhike, live on the roads and choose a nomadic life for good!


8. Queer Gaze 

Working as an audio engineer in the entertainment industry that is heavily dominated by one gender comes with its own challenges, but these challenges are doubled when you are not only treated as "a woman" but also identify as a non-binary person. Here's my story of defying stereotypes and deconstructing gender through a queer gaze. 

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