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Electronic circuits drive a large part of our lives today. These complex works of intelligent design intimidate even the brainiest. However, if you are one among those with an aptitude to work tirelessly with circuits, then this is the place for you. Come and test your technical wizardry against the best and unravel simple but dynamic day-to-day circuits by participating in Circuitrix organised by Pragyan in collaboration with Spider.

Aim Of The Event:
  • The event is aimed at testing the students on their ability to apply their theoretical knowledge of practical circuits
  • Aimed at engineering students and professionals, building their own embedded system designs and circuits.
Event Details:
  • Round 1: 19th March
  • Round 2: 19th March
  • Round 3: 20th March
  • Mode - Online
  • A team must comprise not more than 3 participants.
  • Prior registration on Pragyan’s website is required to participate in the online round.
  • The decision of judges is final and binding.
  • The teams can choose any software from the following: LtSpice, Pspice, Multisim
The event has three rounds.
Round 1 - Online Test:
  • It will consist of multiple-choice questions on the basics of electronic circuits.
  • The test can be taken only once by a team.
  • 30 Questions are to be solved in 60 minutes.
  • This round is Eliminative.
  • This round will be conducted on Dare2Compete.
Round 2 - Circuit Debugging:
  • Participants will be given a faulty circuit and the expected output as an image. They are expected to simulate and debug the circuit and give the correct output.
  • Round 2 is assessed based on the time taken and the closeness of the obtained output to the desired result.
  • The PDF file containing the correct circuit and output image should be submitted.
  • Virtual money for round 3 will be awarded to 8-10 selected teams.
Round 3 - Circuit Design:
  • Participants will be given a problem statement.
  • They must design and build a circuit with the virtual money earned from the previous round.
  • A list of the components will be given with its price marked against it.
  • A PDF file containing the circuit diagram images and the output obtained should be submitted. Also, the simulation file must be attached along with the PDF.
Judging Criteria:
Round 2:
  • This round will have a time limit of 75 minutes +10 minutes additional time to upload the required files.
  • Points will be given based on the following factors -
    • The closeness of the output with the required output
    • Operation conditions
    • The number of components used
  • If the team completes debugging in “t” minutes, the team gets additional points of (75-t)*10.
  • Virtual money = Base Amount (same for each team) +Total additional points.
Round 3:
  • The closeness of the output with the required output
  • Operation conditions
  • The number of components used
  • The virtual money left
  • The submission will not be considered if the circuit’s cost exceeds the virtual money.

Example Problem Statement for Round 3:
Sample problem statement for round 3: I am an X-dimensional body. I can see a square, but I cannot see a sphere. I am great because I have n sides such that n= smallest perfect number – sqrt(n). I am made of 2 sets of members: ones who meet and ones who do not. The ones who meet have all their parameters alike. Find me! Design a waveform generator using an op-amp that generates this waveform at X kHz.

Prize Money: INR 18,000

  • Maharajan K: 7339451925
  • Nayan Kumar: 6206809612
  • Aryan Kumar: 8102857263
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