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In these challenging times wrecked by the deadly Covid-19, it is essential to minimise direct contact with various objects to prevent the spreading of the virus. At the time of lockdown, it was quite evident that certain routines were pretty hazardous, like usage of water taps, disposal of cotton, sanitary pads, tissues, etc. These could lead to the spreading of this deadly virus through direct contact.

Who else to help us with than our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman!

Help Mr Spidey by building your own 'No Contact' machine by using the materials mentioned, which could help us prevent the slightest of contacts!

Event Details:
  • Round 1: 6th March
  • Round 2: 7th March - 17th March
  • Mode - Round 1 will take place on the D2C platform (online)
  • Teams with a maximum of 3 members can participate in the event.
  • Inter-college teams are allowed.
  • Teams must submit their videos within the deadline mentioned.
  • Plagiarism of any kind will lead to automatic disqualification.
  • Judges' decision is final.
The event has two rounds.
Round 1 - Quiz:
  • Teams will be attending their quiz on the D2C platform.
  • The top 20 teams qualify for the model's video submission round.
Round 2 - Video Submission:
  • The 20 teams qualified for the finals must submit a video of the working model using the materials specified before the beginning of the round.
  • Based on the judging criteria, the top 3 models will be declared as winners.
Judging Criteria:
  • If the machine works or not (Criterion for elimination)
  • Complexity and Creativity in the idea and design
  • Materials put for use (extra points for using commonly found household items)
  • Application of physics concepts to their advantage
  • If it solves the actual purpose of the event, "NO CONTACT!"

Example Problem Statement:
Help our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman dispose of cotton used by the covid patient using syringes, needles, and other household items. Spiderman cannot touch the items used by the patients.

Prize Money: INR 17,000

  • Maharajan K: 7339451925
  • Akhilesh C: 8903130982
  • Vishnu Bharadwaj R: 9840995138
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