“Ideas are responsible for the progression and prosperity of humans – without them we would still be living in prehistoric times.”

Do you have an idea that you think could propel everyone into the future? Are you waiting for the chance to implement it and cause radical changes in the way we live? With the Pragyan Hackathon, you are at the right place.

Pragyan Hackathon 2019, venue sponsored by Visteon, in a bid to help developers and entrepreneurs shape their ideas and bring them to fruition. With a wide range of exciting domains to work on and over 30 hours to code for, this is your platform to convert your ideas into innovative solutions.

Register, participate and stand a chance to earn an internship opportunity or get your work incubated by pioneers!



  • Goodies, certificates, awards, and total prizes worth INR 4,00,000 on offer!
  • Exciting internship and project incubation opportunities under pioneers of the field.


Visteon Office, Olympia Tech Park, Chennai

Dates - 19th and 20th January

Reporting Time - 8 AM, 19th January

Duration - 30 Hours


Registration fee

Registration Fee: INR 500

  • Participants are expected to register and pay individually, irrespective of participation as a team or an individual.
  • Upon completion of registration, each participant shall receive a Participant ID and payment link by email.
  • Upon completion of the payment process, a confirmation email to complete the registration process will be sent to the participant.
  • Once all members of a team have registered and paid, they may inform the organisers about the team on the day of the Hackathon.

Rules and Regulations

  • The number of members per team can be from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3.
  • The hackathon is open to all the college students.
  • Requirements: Valid ID Proof, laptops, chargers and other hardware equipment required to complete your hack.
  • The criteria for judging are as follows: Originality of the idea, design, functionality and implementation of the idea in a real-time scenario. Judging is based on the software only (web/mobile app and software hack) and any hardware presented to complement the software will not add to the participant's score.
  • Deadline for registration and payments: 11.59 PM, 18th January 2019.


Automotive Sector


With the domain covering a wide range of possibilities, it is imperative for the participant to come up with a unique solution that serves to enhance the information processing capability of a system, leading to better decision-making and service. The goal is to be able to actively pursue the path of generating tomorrow’s solution, today, by analysing vehicle data to provide OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with an unprecedented opportunity to engage with their customers directly.

Smart and Secure PDS

With regards to this domain, the participants are expected to come up with a unique proposition that ensures that the existing Public Distribution System in the country is made more secure and smart, thereby facilitating faster movement of essential food and non-food kinds of stuff to disadvantaged groups in the society. In doing so, participants are expected to ensure that the schemes they propose are effective and economical.


Participants wishing to contest in this domain are expected to devise a smart agriculture system that integrates various types of data regarding weather pattern, amount of water required and crop success rate with previously collected data of the same. The smart system must be capable of providing a set of sustainable and highly efficient agricultural practices within the limits posed by the economy and environment.

Sub-categories of Automotive Sector

Extra points will be awarded for projects done in these sub-categories

Assisted driving solutions

Visualization using car’s camera of traffic objects. Identification of traffic objects like, vehicle, pedestrians, road signs, etc... etc...

Intuitive UI design for Android Infotainment systems

Develop a prototype demonstrating screen designs with seamless interactions and transition logic for a set of selected automotive usecases of your interest. Focus on selecting the best tools/language/framework libraries’ for android App development assist the driver in interacting with multiple active application views. Explore the options to achieve efficient graphics performance and responsiveness making use of GPU /hardware accelerators while demonstrating capabilities for Video playback / Video processing from camera inputs or while creating screen transition animation effects.

Smart Tourist Mobility

In this scenario , the IoT enables services and application deployed in a tourist spot such as : roadside smart machines, police control rooms ,emergency help, tourist guides, volunteers, parking lots information , crowd density are collected and augmented on the locality maps as “smart tourist maps”. These services are made available to the Infotainment system, which can guide the driver in providing the access to these services. Conceptualize the backend infrastructure that help to collect and generate PoI (like On Road volunteer, police assist, tourists ,parking lots etc…) from sensor data collected using various IoT devices to augment locality maps with the information to create a custom “Smart Map showing realtime information ” from Google Maps or using other open source map data base. Based on this conceptualize a tourist guide app for the Infotainment unit ( Android – JAVA/HTML5) to access this information in SmartMaps and provide various information to driver to avail required services.



"This was our first Hackathon and we came into it quite unsure of what we would make, wanting to win nonetheless. However we didn't ever imagining the actual prize.

It was really nice to see so many people participating and that really encouraged us to give this a good chance. The great coffee managed to keep us awake for most of the 30 hours of the Hackathon. In this 30 hours we were able to learn so much and implement what we started out to day. The good food and comfortable environment definitely helped us stay positive. The availability of WiFi could have been better as it wasn't present for a little while at night. Nonetheless it was very fast when it was there which helped. It was really nice to see that one of the mentors, Mr.Ankur was there to guide us throughout the night. The goodies definitely got everybody excited! It was an amazing experience all in all, one we will remember and cherish deeply. Thanks to Pragyan for organising such an event and helping us get this type of an experience."

Tanvi Kumar
First Place
Pragyan Hackathon 2017

"The experience was nothing short of brilliant! We had interesting problem statements to work on over the course of two days! The goodies, awards and a collaboration with a sponsoring company were awesome! Will definitely revisit the upcoming editions! We learned that if you have a crazy and promising idea, Pragyan's Hackathon is the place to start work on it!"

Trivikram Muralidharan
Second Place
Pragyan Hackathon 2017



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