Pragyan, NIT Trichy is one of the largest inter-collegiate student-run techno-managerial fest and the grandest in South India. Ever since its inception in the year of 2005, Pragyan's aim has been to impart the values of technological innovation among the youth populace of India.


Pragyan '18 presents to you INGENIUM, the inter–collegiate technical exhibition and competition, that serves as a platform for college students to showcase their ideas and inventions. Come, prove your mettle in this battle of wits and technology!


  • Experience in pitching your idea and building a prototype.
  • Exposure to new innovations and latest technology, through interactions with technocrats from across the country.
  • Recognition for your idea.
  • Internship opportunities with the visiting companies.
  • Certificate of participation from Pragyan.

Prize Money

  • For the top two innovations in each category
    • Circuital: 25,000/15,000 INR
    • Non-Circuital: 25,000/15,000 INR
  • Additionally, for all shortlisted finalists:
    • Circuital: Prize Money worth up to 30,000 INR
    • Non-Circuital: Prize Money worth up to 30,000 INR
  • Projects selected by Young professionals of Caterpillar will get an opportunity to participate in "Bag it through brain " - case competitions conduced for a duration of 5 weeks by Young professionals of Caterpillar with a chance to win Rs 20,000 worth cash prize.

How Ingenium Works?

  1. Form a group, brainstorm and come up with an idea. The idea must satisfy the following criteria:
    • Must be within the realm of Science and technology.
    • The result of the project must be a tangible product or a demonstrable service.
    • Must be presentable during Pragyan as a working model or demonstration along with visual aids (Charts, Presentations, etc.)
    • Must be original, addressing social problems, industrial needs, day-to-day utility or recreation.
  2. A panel will scrutinize the idea, and if deemed feasible and worthy, you will be given the green light to pursue the idea.
  3. The second round will be held on 29th January 2018 wherein all teams will be required to present a comprehensive proposal, work schedule, cost report and justification for the project.
  4. After systematic reviews, the complete presentation along with the working model/demonstration must be ready by the last week of February 2018, following which it will be showcased during Pragyan '18.

Ingenium is open exclusively for non NIT-Trichy students.

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Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at any level of research or during the course of the competition. This includes plagiarism, forgery, use or presentation of other researchers' work as one's own and fabrication of data. Fraudulent projects will fail to qualify for competition.
  • The decision of judges will be final and no arguments or appeal will be entertained.
  • The organizers reserve the right to change/update the rules of the contest at any point of time and will do their best to inform the participants of the same. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the teams to keep themselves updated. Violation of any rule can result in rejection of the project.
  • Although students may present a new phase of an ongoing project, no student may present a project topic from a previous year without conducting significant additional research on the topic.
  • A team can present more than one project.

First Round:

  1. The deadline for the abstract submission is 30th December 2017. Late entries will not be entertained.
  2. Maximum number of participants in a team is 4.
  3. A team can present more than one project.
  4. The members of a team can not be changed during the course of the competition.
  5. The idea and contents of the project may not be changed once the abstract is submitted.
  6. After you have submitted the abstract, a panel of judges will analyse your proposal and if you are shortlisted for the second round, you will be notified.

Second Round:

  1. A PowerPoint presentation containing a detailed description of the project and the progress of the project and a video (duration 3-5 minutes) explaining the same should be submitted through the Ingenium website on or before 29th January 2018.
  2. The student(s) doing the presentation must be the one(s) who conducted the research.
  3. The presentation will be reviewed by a panel of judges and if you are shortlisted for the final round, you will be notified.

Final Round:

  1. The final working model of the project is to be displayed during Pragyan ’18, where it will be judged by a panel of judges and the winners of the circuital and non-circuital categories will be announced.
  2. The prize money and number of prizes are subject to change based on the number of registrations for the event.
  3. All the team members may be present during the event. There will be an interactive session with the judges, other participants and students during the time allotted for the event.
  4. We have two of the leaders from Caterpillar who will address on the Manufacturing & technology of Caterpillar Guest Speakers & Judges- Venkat venkataraghavan & Saurabh Tijare


Jagadeesh – +91 83000 36701
Vijay – +91 86789 44327