About Sangam - Case Study

Sangam, the inter-collegiate technical competition, this year brings platform for business enthusiasts to come together and bring out innovative ideas. This is a theme-based case study competition where the participants need to come up with a case relevant to the theme and proceed with their idea of solution.

Phase Overview

Case study Competition is divided into three phases, each with their own set of criteria:

Phase I – Abstract submission

Submissions will be judged based on novelty, significance to the problem, relevance to the theme and other factors. Shortlisted candidates will be notified after the abstracts are reviewed.

Phase II - Video Presentation

Teams whose submissions are selected will have to find a mentor of their choice to guide them through the case study.
There will be a virtual presentation in front of a panel with all the team members.

Phase III - Final Presentation

The final solution will be presented during final round and will be judged by domain experts through an interactive session between them and the participants. The winning team will be decided by adding up checkpoint scores and final round scores.

Registrations will be opened soon.