About Sangam

An intra-collegiate technical competition, Sangam is a platform for engineering enthusiasts to gather and work on an idea and endeavour relentlessly to make it come alive. It is a forum for innovation and technological brilliance. It is an opportunity to build the future.

Phase Overview

Sangam is divided into three phases, each with their own set of criteria:

Phase I – Abstract submission

The deadline for abstract submission is December 26. The end result must be presentable during Pragyan as a working model or a demonstration. Projects will be judged based on novelty, significance to the problem, relevance to the theme and other factors. Shortlisted candidates will be notified after the abstracts are reviewed.

Phase II - Mentorship

Teams whose projects are selected will have to find a mentor of their choice to guide them through the project.
There will be two progress reviews. The first will be a presentation in front of a panel with all the team members, and the second will be presenting the final working model.

Phase III - Exhibiting during Pragyan

The final working project will be presented during Pragyan ‘22 and judged by domain experts and industry veterans through an interactive session between them and the participants. The winning team will be decided by adding up the checkpoint scores and final scores during Pragyan ‘22. The students should present their projects with the integrated business models for the scoring process.

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Stellar Mentorship

Expert mentorship from personalities with expertise in industries, business, and research, will nurture your team throughout the journey. In addition to this, access to the various labs and seed funding to work on your project might be sanctioned.

Business Potential

Your team will get the opportunity to present your product in front of a panel of investors and technocrats from various parts of India, providing you with a unique chance to build networks as well as commercialise your product.

Beyond The Grande Finale

Your team will be provided with the exclusive opportunity to patent your project work, which in turn shall witness further guidance and assistance from researchers to work with your team even after the competition ends.



Registrations Open