Logo Quiz

Do you remember the iconic strokes and letters in logos? Can you identify brands at a glance?
Solve clues and connect the dots on maps to see the logos coalesce. Join the Pragyan logo quiz with a twist to test your nimble minds and pictographic memory.

Teams have to solve a series of clues which will reveal locations. Plotting these locations will give them a logo which they must identify.

  • Date - 13/02/2022
  • Time - 7 PM to 9 PM
  • The participants must join an online meeting (link will be shared before the event).
  • The clues will be given to participants in the meet. Each clue points to a location on google maps.
  • A logo will be formed on the map after sequentially marking the locations.
  • The participants will have to name the company/organisation whose logo is being formed via Quizizz.
  • The participants will also have to submit the screenshot of the logo formed on the map via a google form at the end of the contest.
  • The participants will be given extra 10 minutes to submit the screenshots. Failure to do so would result in disqualification of the team.
  • The top two teams on the Quizizz leaderboard will be declared winners.
  • The event will be conducted in teams of 1 to 3 members each.
  • Each participant can only be a part of one team.
  • The team members may use any means of communication amongst themselves.
  • At least one participant from each team is required to join the meet.
  • The decision of the event organisers is final and binding.
  • Accuracy.
  • Speed.
  • 1st - 2K
  • 2nd - 1K


  • Chirag - +91 73517 40611
  • Akhilesh - +91 89031 30982
  • Pavani - +91 70320 80809