Come, test your technical wizardry against the best, and build a simple but dynamic day-to-day circuit that sets everyone delirious. The winners will also be given direct entry to the second round of Circuitrix, which will be held at NIT Trichy during Pragyan ‘19. Charge up, for sparks will fly when circuits clash!


The event consists of 2 rounds.
Round 1- MCQ round:

  • This is an eliminative round.
  • The teams will be given multiple choice questions related to electronics.
  • The score obtained in this round will be carried over to round 2.
Round 2 - Subjective round:
  • The teams will be given subjective questions which they must answer within a specified duration.
  • The teams will be given problem statements for which they have to design circuits as a solution.


  • A team should not contain more than 2 people.
  • There will be a time limit in each round. The duration will be informed on the spot.
  • The team members can be from same or different colleges.
  • Valid institution identity card of each participant of the team is compulsory for participation in the event.
  • In case of discrepancies, the decision of the managers is final and binding.

Round 1 judging criteria:
  • Number of questions attempted right.
Round 2 judging criteria:
  • The efficiency of the circuit: This involves understanding the problem statement and spotting the advantages of their design over the other possible designs.
  • Number of components used: Design with minimum component usage is encouraged.
  • Number of questions attempted right out of the total.
  • Aqeel : +91 96778 61758