Memory Challenge

Technology is now a big part of our society and our foreseeable future. The Internet once addicted to, traps you in its net. Pragyan Memory Challenge is here to your rescue, aiming to help improve your mnemonic skills with a series of fun rounds- The Memo-Essay, Confusius Colour and Memolog.


Round 1 : The Memo-essay
  • Participants should remember the sequence of words in an essay and arrange the given words in the order in which they occur in the essay.
  • Each correct answer has 1 point. No Negatives.
Round 2 : Confusius colour
  • Participants should memorise a series of colours, shapes and text displayed on the screen.
  • Each correct answer has 1 point. No Negatives.
Round 3 : Memolog
  • Participants have to answer a series of questions challenging both your memory and logical reasoning.
  • Each correct answer has 1 point. No Negatives.

SCAD College of Engineering and Technology

  • Individual participation only.
  • Rounds are non-eliminative. The winner will be selected based on the scores they receive in all three rounds.
  • Valid institution identity card for each participant is compulsory for participation in the event.
  • In case of discrepancies, the decisions of the managers are final and binding.
Aqeel :- +91 96778 61758