PCB Designing Workshop on PROTEUS & EAGLE

ARK Technosolutions launches India’s first Industry oriented PCB Designing Workshop based on PROTEUS. ARK Technosolutions research team has designed such a workshop which is very advanced though basic for the engineering students.

PCB Designing Workshop is planned in such a way that it covers up the basics of electronics hardware designing section for the engineering students. Engineering students of all years can participate in this workshop. This kind of workshop will make students understand the concept of PCB tracks and will guide them to Industrial circuit design. Students can easily make their minor as well as major project’s circuit designing after understanding the concepts of PCB Designing.

The idea of this workshop came into existence by understanding the industrial requirement and comparing it to the amount of practical knowledge of students related to the designing of circuits. This will also build a huge confidence in the students who are really interested in making and building their future in designing.


SCAD College of Engineering and Technology

Module of the workshop will cover up the following topics:

  • Basics of different circuit functional blocks
  • Developing projects by combining & linking different functional circuit blocks
  • Developing the Schematic Diagram using actual component specifications
  • Circuit designing in ISIS Professional Software
  • Circuit simulation in Real-time using circuit simulation Software
  • Techniques for Debugging the Schematic for bugs & errors
  • Designing of PCB layout in ARES Professional Software
  • Techniques for miniaturising the PCB Layout
  • Designing of Single side & Double-sided PCB
  • Designing Surface Mount Technology (SMT) type PCB
  • Ground & Power Plane Creations Techniques & Tips
  • Imprinting PCB tracks on copper clad
  • Fabrication & Process of Etching
  • Component Assembly & Mounting Techniques
  • Soldering Techniques & Soldering Tips
  • Testing the circuit prototype and error elimination

Workshop Schedule would be as following:

Session 1:
  • This session will include an introduction to principle and working of different basic circuits that form the building blocks of different type of electronic circuits. Techniques to combine and implement such basic circuit to form the schematic of any major project. Exposure to different types of electronic components & Sensor and their usage.
Session 2:
  • Introduction to different types of software for schematic designing, circuit simulation & PCB Layout Designing with their advantages and disadvantages. Hands-on practical with a software. Designing schematic diagram for one project, simulation and analysis of some projects using circuit simulation software, debugging & eliminating errors, Component selection criteria & PCB Layout Designing for the project, understanding techniques and tricks for circuit miniaturisation.
Session 3:
  • Techniques for developing double-sided PCB, Parameter consideration for trace width, clad thickness, etc. Introduction to Surface Mount Devices and Device selection criteria for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) type PCB. Developing Ground & Power Plane for single and double-sided PCB & designing tips for the same. Imprinting PCB tracks on copper clad, Explanation & Hands-on practical on Fabrication & Etching Process, Necessary tips regarding Component Assembly & Mounting Techniques, Soldering Techniques & Soldering Tips, Drilling the PCB & Soldering the components.
Session 4:
  • PCB testing and debugging, and obtaining the expected result. Doubt discussion.

A competition would be held during the last session based on circuit designing task.
Takeaway kits will only be given to teams who attend as a team of 5 members.

Kit content:

  • Copper Clad
  • Ferrous Chloride Powder
  • Electronic Component kit (for any one Project)
  • Printed Trace Stencil for PCB Imprint
  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Wire
  • Hand Drilling Machine
  • Drilling Bits
  • Battery connector
  • Battery
  • Multimeter(Non-takeaway)



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