The Ultimate Manager

Have you ever felt the urge to lead? To be able to analyse, solve, execute and most importantly to MANAGE?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a manager?

Do you have the perseverance, discipline and ability to take action?

To be a successful manager, strong conviction is the key.

Team Pragyan is coming to your campus to let you showcase your hidden managerial skills and unearth the Ultimate Manager in you! If you think you have that confidence which can sway the world in the direction of your wisdom, then come and prove it! Analyse, explore and unleash your hidden calibre; let your ideas burn bright! Be the ‘Ultimate Manager’!

Do not miss the golden chance to be a part of the premier managerial event of Pragyan ’20, a maze of challenges. This is the ultimate platform for you to bring out your managerial spirit.


Round 1: InQUIZitive
  • This will be an elimination round.
  • There will be 30 questions with no negative marking.
  • Topics include Business Aptitude, BQuiz, Current Affairs.
  • Each question will have different weightage.
  • Participation is individual.
Round 2: War of Strategies
  • Simple Game theory puzzles based on analytical and strategic situations will be assessed.
  • The shortlisted members will be divided into teams of 3 by the organizers.
  • Participants should arrange for their own laptops with internet connection.
  • Each question’s answer is a passkey to open the next question. The first question has to be solved to get the passkey for the next question and so on.
  • The teams have to solve the puzzle within the stipulated time to move to the next round.
Round 3: Auction & Action
  • The participants must bid for and buy a product.
  • They must sell it using their marketing skills.
  • The goal of the round is to maximize profit.

  • On spot registrations are allowed.
  • There will be a time limit for each round.
  • Valid institution identity card for each participant is compulsory.

Round 1
  • The participants will be judged based on their knowledge about companies, brands, contemporary trends and recent events.
Round 2
  • Managerial decision making, creative thinking and team working of the participants will be judged.
Round 3
  • The judging criteria include resource management skills, communication skills, and marketing skills of the participants.


  • Dixith: +91 96298 89088
  • Abishek Mevada: +91 95216 00969