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Pragyan 2012 has more to offer than just cash and glory. "Highlights" brings the spotlight on the ingenuity and creativity of NITTians.



This is the showcase of NITT's repertoire...






Engineering solutions for societal problems. 


In partnership with IBM’s “Smarter Planet” initiative.



Goldman Sachs Tech Talk


A tech talk on "The power of a Supercomputer on your desk" by technology experts from Goldman Sachs. This event will also provide participants with an opportunity to interact with senior technologists of the firm who will share their insights about our firm, people and technology.






A series of talks, hands-on sessions, hackathon and unconference etc. Pragyan presents a unique celebration of FOSS and the only one of its kind in South Tamil Nadu



Pragyan Open QUiz


In association with Deccan chronicle, the Curtain raiser for Pragyan and its first venture outside the NITT campus.





The Pragyan Social Response, where the Pragyan of society become the servants of social reform and upliftment...





The inter-departmental exhibition contest, where the engineering and architecture departments show their mettle...




An algorithm intensive Online Programming Contest
Dalal Street
A virtual stock market trading game
A rostrum for young minds to whizz away and come up with avant-garde solutions for the problems around us...
With brand new mind-numbing electronic challenges to conquer, Robovigyan introduces some hip new stuff.
An elegant brew of information dressed with excitement and entertainment.
Codename 47
Codename 47 brings a mysterious and cunning environment to the robotic world.
The eye candy of Pragyan. Visionary and magical, exhibitions offer a sneak peak at the future.
Lanka Reloaded
build the bridge that rescues Sita, bot-style!...
Work up the ol'grey cells and indulge in the magic of making. Satiate the thirst to learn, explore and innovate.
Dinner Dash
Something comical in Robotics. Build a bot that serves customers dinner!
Guest Lectures
History has proved time and again that genius inspires genius. Come see those who dared to explore the beyond.
Showcase your talent and enlighten the world with what you are aware of by presenting a paper... Deadline: 23rd January!
Pragyan Social Responsibility
Aiming to be servants; PSR, is our own initiative for social reform and enrichment.
A fun filled treasure hunt event based on the use of surveying instruments.
Beer Factory
a role-playing simulation of the beer manufacturing industry.
An event to design a green building that is energy efficient and self-sufficient.