Team behind Pragyan CMS

Pragyan CMS is created by a group of engineering students of National Institute of Technology Trichy (NIT-T) in Tamil Nadu, India.  The CMS is contributed to by a large number of students who are also members of the Central Webteam of NIT-T, also known as the "Delta Force".

Pragyan CMS v2.6 was released officially by Sahil Ahuja of 2004 batch. The latest Pragyan CMS v3.0 is released officially by Abhishek Shrivastava (abhishekdelta) of 2007 batch. Below is the list of all the co-developers and contributors since version 2.

Version 3 core developers :

  • Abhishek Shrivastava [jereme]
  • Chakradar Raju [chakradarraju]
  • Balanivash [balanivash]
  • Boopathi Rajaa[scriptle]
  • Shriram Venkataramana[vshriram93]

Version 3 contributors list (tickets, patches and bug-fixes):

  • Aparna Chugh
  • Shiva Nandan
  • Siddhant Sanyam
  • Mohnish Prasanna

Version 2 credits to :

  • Abhilash R [abhithekid]
  • Anshu Prateek [analyst]
  • Ankit Srivastava
  • Bharath Venkatesh [bhattu]
  • Sahil Ahuja
  • Jithin K.R [jithinkr]
  • Shankarram [kulz]
  • Mrinal Kumar
  • Harini A
  • Abhishek Verma

And also to the following people who have contributed minor changes,
enhancements, bugfixes or support for a new language since version 2.1.0:
M. Surya Sankar, Sapna Shukla, Shruti J, Ashwathi Krishnan, K.R Arvind [kra],
T.V. Karthik

For more information about the Pragyan Team, read the CREDITS.html file inside the docs folder.

Feel free to contact at Formula: 0