Sangam is divided into three phases, each with their own set of criteria:

Phase I – Abstract submission:

  1. Deadline for abstract submission is December 26.
  2. Team members cannot be changed over the course of the competition.
  3. The prescribed abstract format should be followed. The format can be downloaded from here, and the necessary data can be filled and uploaded.
  4. The end result of the project must be a tangible product and be presentable during Pragyan '22 as a working model or a demonstration along with visual aids like charts, presentations, etc.
  5. The judging criteria for the projects will be based on:
    • Novelty
    • Significance of the problem
    • Relevance to the theme
    • Feasibility
    • Sustainability
    • Scale of impact
    • User experience
    • Scope of transforming into a merchantable product

After submission, the abstracts will be reviewed. Shortlisted candidates will be notified soon after this process is complete. Late entries will not be accepted.

Phase II - Mentorship:

  1. Teams whose projects have been selected will have to find a guide of their choice to provide intensive mentoring for the project.
  2. Two progress reviews will be held. They will be evaluated and be given a score.

Progress Review 1

  1. A presentation of the project has to be made in front of a panel, with all the registered team members present.
  2. The teams will be judged based on their technical skills and progress.

Progress Review 2

  1. The final working model should be presented during this phase, with all registered team members present.
  2. Teams will be judged based on the practical application of their project.

With the completion of mentor reviews, the complete presentation with the working model should be ready by February 3rd week.

Phase III - Exhibiting during Pragyan:

  1. The final working project will be presented during Pragyan ’22 and be judged by domain experts and industry veterans.
  2. The final round will include an interactive session between the judges and all the team members.
  3. The winning team will be decided by adding up checkpoint scores and final scores during Pragyan ‘22.
  4. The students should present their projects with the integrated business model for the scoring process.
  5. The final judging of the projects will be done theme-wise.