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How Stuff Works


INR 10,000

Pragyan How Stuff Works quiz challenges the techno-geek in everyone. In this arena, the inquisitive reigns supreme. The quiz is a test of knowledge of the workings of the world around us. Questions may range from the working of IC engines to the efficiency of encryption algorithms. Expect to be tested on everything tech.


  • Quiz consists of 2 rounds: Prelims and Finals.
  • Teams of upto 3 each. 6 teams make it to the finals.


  • Registration on the spot.
  • Rules will be announced before each round


Mukund Narayan
+91 90944 72502


Gautham Srinivas
+91 96772 54828


Aniruddha Krishna Shastri
+91 97878 31619


Mail to :




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