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INR 10,000


Confident in the skills that got you into your Reputed Engineering Colleges ?



Then this is the event for you!!!



An event that tests your knowledge in subjects such as physics,chemistry along with your ability to solve aptitude questions.



Principia Prliminary Quiz is on!!!! Click here to give it a try!!!


The preliminary qualifying round would be a online one


  • It consists of 90 questions(30 each from maths, physics and chemistry).
  • Maximum time allowed to attempt the questions is one and half hour.
  • There is no negative marking.
  • Participants who clear the first round will be informed 1 week before PRAGYAN starts.


The second round will be held on-campus on Feb 25th (Day 2 of PRAGYAN)


  • There will be negative marking in this round.
  • It is not online’. It is a paper based exam.
  • It consists of 75 questions(25 from each section of maths, physics and chemistry).
  • 90 minutes will be given to complete this round.




The basis of evaluation is total marks scored.
In case of tie marks scored in mathematics section will be given more weightage.
If there is a tie even after this (i.e. if both score the same in maths) physics will be given more weightage.

If there is a tie the prize amount of that and the next position will be shared equally.

Judges’ decision would be final.














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