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INR 10,000


Enter into the 4D world of digital art and prove your mettle to the whole world of Graphic Designers coming down for a showdown of creativity with pace.

 Let your imaginations gallop through the terrain of creativity and discover the new realms of digital art. We call out to all the aspiring and established graphic designers out there, here you will be tested for speed, dexterity and your awesomeness!!

 So, gear up and put your talent to a little test in Pragyan 2012!


This is a solo event.



Preliminary stage 


For the first round, we would like you to come up with artwork for the following:


  • The promotional poster for using green and eco-friendly systems. You may choose the content for said cover. You may choose the content for said cover.
  • A Tech-themed movie poster. This is completely open-ended and anything that qualifies as science/technology is accepted.
  • If you use stock images, ensure that you add sufficient content apart from the stock to showcase your talent. Finding great stock imagery or an excellent tutorial is not talent.
  • Submission must include the PSD file as well. Image must be a JPEG or a PNG.
  • Dimensions: A4 for magazine cover; No size limit for movie poster (use your judgment). Image can be 72 dpi or 300 dpi.
  • All participants in round one have to send their entries to Formula: 0 by 15th February, 2012.



  • On-Campus with two rounds.
  • A freestyle T-Shirt designing round.
  • Recreating an image or an artwork from basic tools, shapes and brushes. (no stock photos must be used)
  • All decisions by the judges on selection of participants are final and binding.
  • The use of profanity/vulgarity in images will lead to instant disqualification.
  • All images used must be property of the participants.
  • The use of LOLcats will be condoned.


Suraj Singh

+91 90425 26589



Email: Formula: 0

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