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Slick Shot


INR 5,000


Do you think you can shoot?


Are you a good enough photographer?


Well then give it your best shot for Pragyan 2012.



  • The minimum resolution of the photographs should be 3 MEGAPIXEL
  • Images must be in JPEG format only
  • The photographs must preserve all technical details including the cameramake and focal length.
  • All photographs to be put in a single .zip/.rar folder. The folder name should be the name of Participant.
  • Each photograph file(JPEG or whatever) should be named as follows:

    CATEGORY_Name of participant_01

    Eg. Heritage_Sridharl_01, Minimal_jal_01, and so on.

  • If the image has been post-processed the original should also be included in the folder.
  • No watermarks or signatures are allowed in the images
  • PERSONAL CONTACT DETAILS like full name, name of institution, address, E-mail ID are also to be included in the folder as a separate word file with a note declaring that the photographs belong to the same person.


Photographs can be submitted under the following themes:



"There is something exciting about being in the crowd, in all that chance and change - it's tough out there - but if you can keep paying attention something will reveal itself - just a split second - and then there's a crazy cockeyed picture!" 
- Joel Meyerowitz


Street photography in itself goes way back in the history of photography. It all began during a period when cameras became portable enough to be used outside the studio. It was at this time that people started documenting happenings in and around them. The style has been made famous by some of the best known photographers of our time including Eugène Atget, Henri Cartier-Bresson to name a few. Street photographers strive to capture the life and culture of city streets, searching for what Henri Cartier-Bresson, probably the most famous street photographer of all, termed the ‘Decisive Moment’. Another key aspect of street photography is the sense that the captured scene is unplanned, with an absence of prior arrangement. Thus, generic scenes from pre-planned public events do not have the same feeling of chance encounter and spontaneity. That is not to say, however, that if a photographer knowingly attends an organised event he or she might not still be able to capture a spontaneous and unrelated street scene.





Color—in all its glory—is a theme for this competition. Bring on those bright, dazzling hues, or those soft, muted pastels. Explore deep, mysterious shades, or subtle, sophisticated tones. Does your palette include earth tones…or psychedelic blinders? Have you created a fuchsia-and-saffron fractal or a digital painting in chartreuse and cherry-blossom pink? Or, have you photographed the subtle range of blues and greens in an ocean vista?





Patters are everywhere and each individual sees it differently. A good photographer can compose and create a breathtaking imagery with a simple pattern. From watery reflections to nature’s frosty designs. Dewy spider webs, bird feathers and reptile scales all garner our attention. Do you think that you can do that? Well show us what you can.



Heritage / Architecture


Heritage is everything we value from our past, which we want to pass on to future generations. Built heritage can be interpreted as “anything built or created by humans”, including forts, temples, monuments, village architecture, carvings, streetscapes, archaeological features,ruins, culture…. The list is endless!


For this exciting theme, we are looking for striking, original or unusual photographs of any aspect of the built heritage of our country, in its broadest sense. Suitable themes include images which explore, interpret or help to convey the value and importance of our architectural heritage, emphasising “everyday heritage”. Photographs that show a personal interpretation of heritage are particularly welcome, and the story telling quality of the image will be as important as the pictorial quality.



  • The competition is open only to students.
  • Participants need to submit the soft copies of their photographs.
  • You may submit up to a total of 5 photographs into the competition submitted into any one category or spread across multiple categories.
  • No obscenities or profanities allowed.
  • Send in your enrties to Formula: 0
  • Last date for entries 20-02-2012 11:59 PM
  • The decision of the judges are final and binding.



S Praveen

+91 98843 20683



Hari Kumaran Babu

+91 81488 18451


Mail us at Formula: 0




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