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Take One


INR 15,000

Movies are art forms that capture everyones' imagination, they shock and they entertain, they make make people laugh and they make them cry They distract them from their problems and voice their opinions.



Do you fashion yourself to be the the next Ratnam, or Ray or Tarantino ? Do you love to put on a differnet personality and live another life. Pragyan 12 brings you Take One the short film making contest.



The contestants are given an option to choose from any one or more  of the given styles of movie making and are expected to come up with original, non-documentary entries made in any of the styles. The main judging criteria are creativity in implementation, direction, editing, presentation etc. Also provide a short write up on your implementation of the topic as well as a short description of your video.




Entries are expected to implement one or more of the following styles of movie making. It is to be remembered that the screenplay must be befitting to the style used and not be a blind implementation of the style to adhere to the theme. Plagiarized or heavily inspired content will not be entertained and will deter chances of qualification and screening.



  • No Dialogues : Narration allowed
  • Bound : A film taken in a defined boundary like a room.


  • The entries have to be original. Plagiarized content will lead to disqualification.
  • No restriction on the number of entries per college.
  • Entries cannot exceed 10 minutes including the time for titles and credits.
  • Maximum of 15 people can appear as part of the cast and 10 people behind the scenes.
  • Entries can be in any regional language but english subtitles is mandatory.
  • Presence of any form of vulgarity or obscenity will not be tolerated and will lead to direct disqualification.
  • The number of entries screened at the event is solely decided by the organizers and subject to time availability.
  • The short film has to be submitted in a CD or a DVD.
  • Presence of participants is not a must. The CD or DVD can be sent by postal mail.
  • Entries that are of unrecognized video formats shall not be considered.
  • Participants should encode the video in standard formats.
  • Participants need to provide a 100-word write-up that explains the relation of the short movie with the chosen theme. Send this along with your entries to the below address.






Q : What do you mean be non documentary implementation?

A : It means that the screenplay of the movie should be original, either fictional or an adaptation of a real-life incident. The film should not be a recording of real life incidents compiled together.



Q : Would the number of heads limit count even for a crowd scene?

A : Nope. Not unless everyone in the crowd has something to say.



Q : What software can I use for editing?

A : Totally up to you! Premiere Pro, Magix Movie Edit or even Windows Movie Maker. Anything that you comfortable with. It's a problem of plenty!



Q : What are the standard formats for video?

A : The standard formats of video are "avi" and "mpeg". The entry must be in one of these two formats. You can use any of the freely available video conversion software to convert your entry to one of these formats.!




Entries to be mailed to


Bharadwaj G

Manager, Take One

Room no.60, Garnet A Hostel,

National Institute of Technology,


Tamil Nadu, India


Deadline for Entry 


The entries are expected to reach the manager of the event  on or before 11:59 PM on Thursday, 23rd February, 2011.


Entries arriving after the deadline will be directly disqualified.





Vinod E

+91 97900 13660




Bharadwaj G

+91 99520 50093




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