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B Green


INR 20,000

"It's not about the materials. It's about how you interact with the natural world."
                                                               Carol Venolia, Green Architect, USA.



That says it all! Pragyan 2012’s Green Engineering provides an opportunity for the youngineers to walk into the world of B-uilding GREEN! Aiming at evolving the most energy efficient, self-sustaining and economical Green Structure, the event proves to provide the arena filled with creativity and technology for us, eco-friends.


The concept of Green Constructions has significantly evolved in the recent decades, and is advocated in every form feasible, with the growing demands for energy and resources. As power and materials get rarer and dearer, day by day, the future of construction clearly lies in self-sustainability.


With Green technology emerging as one of the niche areas of potential in the building scenario, Pragyan 2012 collaborating with IGBC takes pride in presenting our fellow eco-friends, B GREEN, the race to design the ultimate green building.


The event consists of two rounds.


Online Abstract Submissions:

The problem statement is available in the website from January 10, 2012 and the teams must send in their abstracts on or before February 10, 2012 to


  • Register for the event first
  • The abstract should contain the Team name, members' name, department and college of all the members of the team.
  • Use Times new roman font of size 12 and normal spacing
  • Should have min. 2 pages and max eight pages (A4 size).
  • The abstract should contain your proposed ideas in words.Pictures also shall be included but it should be original and should have been developed by the team using any softwares to showcase their ideas.



The finals will be held on day II of Pragyan 2012, (i.e.) February 25, 2012 at our campus.

The teams, shortlisted based on their abstracts, will be notified via e-mail and will have to present their ideas using models developed in AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, archiCAD, Revit Architecture or any other design tools.


The design of the models and the technologies adopted will be discussed in detail with a panel of experts from IGBC to evaluate the design, rating them on their efficiency and economy as a green building.


Problem Statement


Design a Green office building (G+2 floors) in a warm and humid climate. The site (of area 2 acres) selected for construction was previously contaminated because of an industrial building which used to manufacture LEAD batteries.


  • Building design shall address the following:
  • Remediation efforts taken to overcome site contamination before construction.
  • Integrate the best traditional construction practices with modern technologies.
  • Strategies adopted to reduce electrical load through HVAC, lighting and other equipment, not compromising on thermal comfort (temperature and RH) and visual comfort of occupants.
  • Strategies adopted to reduce potable water consumption for various applications.
  • Eco-friendly materials used in construction.
  • Pay-back period for investment on green technologies.


  • The event is open to all.
  • Each team can have a maximum of three participants.
  • The participants need not be from the same background or college (i.e.) interdisciplinary participation is allowed. (e.g.: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical)
  • Read the problem statement, event format, abstract format and other relevant instructions carefully before you start working on the model. Participants are requested to follow the proper formats in order to avoid untoward confusions.
  • The mode of presentation can be in ppt/video file (walkthrough)/ the software used for developing the model. (archiCAD, etc.)
  • Judges' decision on the best model will be final and binding.


Abstract Submission

The abstract may include,

  • The methodology adopted to address the local climate in the design of the green building.
  • The site improvement technique adopted against the lead contamination.
  • The materials used for construction and the reason for the choice of materials.
  • The technological and design specifications to meet the passive climate control requirements (HVAC, lighting).
  • The strategies adopted to mitigate water usage.
  • Steps to improve the electrical efficiency of the building by means of the renewable energy sources (solar plants, etc).
  • Estimation of cost of the project and the efficiency of the design in terms of payback period


Note: The above details are just guidelines on what the abstract may contain. The participants can add or remove points (but at least four of these points is a must) in accordance to their ideas and design.


In case of queries about the event, contact us at Formula: 0


P Prasanth

+91 90952 45114



Subramanian S

+91 96007 70255


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