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Big Ideas Challenge


INR 15,000

The paradigm of today’s generation of engineers is to make products that meet the “Green Bill”. The crux of the matter is to develop a technology that fits the clean bill and is profitable as well.


It takes a Big Idea to develop something green as well as sustain high quality. Innovations in little things lead to great engineering revolutions. Today’s metallised films in candy and snack packets bring us lip smacking food, but become notorious for being very difficult and expensive to recycle. The metallised films (Aluminium coated Polymer films) that make up many snack packets are dumped in landfills or incinerated; they are seldom recycled. O can you be the change you wish to see?


ITC’s Classmate brand, in tune with its tagline “For the Big Ideas in you”, along with Pragyan, presents Big Ideas Challenge at Pragyan 2012. Tap your ‘green’ cells and get going!


Metallised films(Aluminium coated on polymer films, usually polypropylene or PET) are always used for decorative purposes and food packaging like chips packets, biscuit packs, candy and chocolate wrappers etc. While the ‘Eye-catching’ metallised film wrappers provide very low permeability to light, water and oxygen at a reduced weight and cost, they are non-biodegradable and pose a serious environmental hazard. The generation of wrapper waste from snacks is very high and it estimated that the per capita consumption of candy in American was 23.8 pounds in 2008.


Choose one of the possible solutions:


  • Develop alternative material that meets the packaging requirements, providing high shelf life and which is bio recyclable/degradable at the same time.

    Clearly state
    • The properties of the material and comparison with existing wrapper materials
    • Method of production
    • Cost
    • Application(Areas where the material can be put to use)
    • Feasibility and ease of use.
  • Suggest means of recycling or putting existing snack wrappers to alternative use.

    Clearly describe
    • The method used
    • Cost
    • Use of recycled product/ Alternative application of used wrappers
    • Collection of waste and segregation
    • Feasibility and ease of use.


Round 1:


The participants (team size: maximum 3 members) have to submit an online abstract of their idea on or before 15th Feb, 2012. The teams will be shortlisted and the selected ideas will be put up on the site. 



Round 2:

The shortlisted teams will have to mail the complete description of the idea, with fully explained models and diagrams wherever applicable before 21st Feb, 2012. The team members will be contacted in case of any clarifications till 22th Feb, 2012.



Round 3:


The selected teams will have to present their ideas to the panel of judges on February 26th, 2012 (Sunday).  After delivering the presentation, the team can be questioned by anyone present in the hall and by the judges.






  • Creativity
  • Effectiveness of the method
  • Good marketability of the product (Applications, value and alternate use)
  • Material properties and cost
  • Ease of production
  • Versatility of method (Areas where the method is applicabe)





+91 98845 68588



Sona Kumaresan

+91 98424 78877

Team Name College Name Abstract
Alienators IIT Madras J. Vegnesh ALIENATORS.docx
Green Deux NIT Trichy Gayathri Padma. S ABSTRACT-Big ideas challenge.pdf
Adrenaline Velammal Engineering College Preethi Padmanabhan Big Ideas Challenge_Abstract.docx
Green A. C. Tech, Anna University Rakhavan Kr Green.docx
Green Cops Anna University Vignesh ALTERNATIVE WRAPPINGS.doc
Ekatma Amrita School of Engineering Aravind. D Biodegradable Polymers for Food Packaging.docx
The Do-Gooders Sastra R.Balaji IDEA.pdf
THE GREEN BUGS NIT Trichy manasa bharadwaj ALTERNATION OF Al in packing wrappers1.docx
anna A.C.College of technology, Anna university. D.Preethi preethi, sai deepikaa.docx
  V.S.B Engineering College, Karur A.Saravana Kumar GREEN FIBRE MATRIX COMPOSITE.docx
GREENAHOLICS Anna University C.Meera greenaholics.docx
Illuminati NIT Trichy subhabrata das ITC.pdf
  PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. S.VIGNESH SHANMUGAM polymer fuels.docx





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