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Fix the Android


Fix The android Preliminary Round is up!!! Click here to start the quiz!!!


Are you up to face a one of a kind tech event which is held in no other Tech-fest across the country?



Here’s an ultimate On-The-Spot Robotics Event.



This Pragyan, get ready to put your Debugging Skills to test!



If you’ve got what it takes -


Pack your bags, ignite your brain cells, rock the challenge and grab your prize!  





Fix the Android is an on the spot robot debugging event. After prelims, 10 teams are chosen for the main event, where they are given pre-made robots. Blueprints and data sheets about the bot and its components are made available to the teams for their scrutiny. Each of these bots uniformly has 10 errors in their build up. These errors range from malfunctioning and missing components to erroneous connections. Teams armed with multimeters and other necessary equipments, try and dig out each one of these faults, make their bot bug-free and get the bots running on the test track. The fastest team to bring the bot to life wins.





Online Prelims Round :


  • Teams of 3 are required to register themselves on the Pragyan website.
  • The participants will be taking the test on-line and will be required to answer the questions in the given time.
  • The test would assess algorithms, circuits, coding and debugging.
  • Short-listing for the finals will be based on the relative performance of the competitors.
  • A maximum of 10 teams would be selected for the finals.
  • Date of online prelims will be announced soon.


On-Campus Round :

  • The shortlisted teams will proceed to this round.
  • The teams will be provided with the bots to be debugged within a duration of 3 hours.
  • The problem statement will only be revealed after 30 mins into the round. 





All students with a valid identity card from their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate.




  • Nature and function of the robot will be intimated to the teams on the spot.
  • All teams would be provided with uniform prototypes of the defective robot, having the same set of faults.
  • Teams are required to bring their own hardware for debugging namely wire cutter, nose plier and multimeter.
  • The event is designed to test debugging skills and not designing skills. So the central structure, function and circuitry of robot should not be altered during the debugging.
  • Each team is given a maximum of 180 min for successfully debugging their respective bots and test run them on the standard arena.
  • Teams are allowed multiple chances to test their bot in the testing arena anytime within the prescribed 180 min.
  • In order to prevent crowding of teams at the testing arena, each team is given only 5 min at a time to test their bots, after which the next team is given a turn.
  • If no team successfully debugs the bot, the number of individual faults identified and their elegant rectification would be the sole judging criteria.
  • It is also the sole responsibility of each team to ensure that they do not introduce further faults while debugging their bots. These added faults will not be evaluated as debugged errors as the case may be.
  • Judge's decision shall be final and binding!
  • The organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the above rules as they consider necessary. The changes will be marked in red. Please check the website consistently for updates.


Judging Criteria


  • Winners will be decided based on the total time taken to debug and successfully run the bot in the arena provided.
  • If no team successfully debugs the bot, the number of individual faults identified and their elegant rectification would be the sole judging criteria.


Team Composition


  • Each team must consist of 3 members.
  • Teams are required to register themselves online.
  • Maximum of ten teams will be short-listed for the finals.
  • No person shall be a member of two teams.


Certificate Details


  • Certificate of Excellence will be given to the top 3 teams emerging from this competition.
  • Certificates of Participation will be given to all the teams who make it to the final.



Harishma Dayanidhi

+91 99620 93991




+91 96554 3809



Sumithra Pandiaraj

+91 99627 17234



Sachin PV

+91 90438 35551

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