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Kinect Installation


Traditionally, engineering and design have oft been at odds. This trend has undergone a makeover in the recent past and technology has finally begun augmenting art and design. What do you get when you combine cutting edge tech with an artist’s vision and oodles of creativity? A spectacle that would literally stop you in your tracks! The Exhibitions team of Pragyan is proud to present to you BlinkSolution. When Kinect was introduced by Microsoft, people were tentative on how successful it would be as a peripheral. It literally blew everyone away and delivered on the promise of making you the controller. From using it to control Van-de Graff generators to making you invisible like the predator, creativity was only the limit.


Blink Solution is the quintessential fusion of both tech and digital art. Boasting of a highly talented team with the fervor and passion for tech, BlinkSolution specializes in providing creative solutions to enable brands reach out effectively to the masses. With numerous such ventures under their kitty, their Zoo Zoo Kinect installation and Hennessy Artistry Exhibits have captured the imagination of thousands. The multi-faceted and versatile team of Blink Solution will be present live at Pragyan 2012 to showcase their work.


Blink Solution has made use of this tech to implement a 1:1 3D model mapping. Be present at Pragyan to witness this Kinect 3D model installation at work where you actions are mimicked by a 3D model live!





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