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Metalmate Robotics Private Limited


Robotics is one of the most challenging, interesting, rapidly progressing fields of Engineering (not to mention HUGELY popular). These machines have captured the imagination of millions, spawned numerous movies, anime (mecha) and made us watch in awe as they went about thrashing each other or destroying mankind. Transformers, Real Steel, Terminator all have one thing in common. Huge lumbering metal monsters that are wicked cool! Well, we don’t exactly have a display of Optimus Prime (not yet anyway :D ). Saying that a tech fest without some awesome robotics related stuff is a disappointment is not an overstatement. Pragyan’s here to satiate the bot fanatics! We present to you a host of Robotics related exhibits from Metal Mate!


Move over Battle Bots, the Roboni-I is here. A programmable gaming robot sporting four microprocessors, 16 sensors (an infrared gun along with touch and obstacle detection), a USB port, a speaker, a game accessory reader, and radio-frequency remote control, it is the closest you get to controlling a mech warrior in real life! Zipping around flat surfaces like a funky racer and pulling off 360-degree turns, this amazingly agile bot puts other such bots to shame



Touting a mobile cam that can be remotely controlled and monitored via internet or Wi-Fi, the Mobile Patrolling surveillance Robot is for the security conscious. Bugs are creepy. But you wouldn’t mind handling these Robot Bugs - Ant, Crab, Insect, Inchworm bots. They move around acting and behaving like real insects and run away on “listening to noise”. 12’’


Mini Humanoids Femisapiens that autonomously interact with crowd and move about without any human intervention, witness all these and more live at Pragyan!





An algorithm intensive Online Programming Contest
Dalal Street
A virtual stock market trading game
A rostrum for young minds to whizz away and come up with avant-garde solutions for the problems around us...
With brand new mind-numbing electronic challenges to conquer, Robovigyan introduces some hip new stuff.
An elegant brew of information dressed with excitement and entertainment.
Codename 47
Codename 47 brings a mysterious and cunning environment to the robotic world.
The eye candy of Pragyan. Visionary and magical, exhibitions offer a sneak peak at the future.
Lanka Reloaded
build the bridge that rescues Sita, bot-style!...
Work up the ol'grey cells and indulge in the magic of making. Satiate the thirst to learn, explore and innovate.
Dinner Dash
Something comical in Robotics. Build a bot that serves customers dinner!
Guest Lectures
History has proved time and again that genius inspires genius. Come see those who dared to explore the beyond.
Showcase your talent and enlighten the world with what you are aware of by presenting a paper... Deadline: 23rd January!
Pragyan Social Responsibility
Aiming to be servants; PSR, is our own initiative for social reform and enrichment.
A fun filled treasure hunt event based on the use of surveying instruments.
Beer Factory
a role-playing simulation of the beer manufacturing industry.
An event to design a green building that is energy efficient and self-sufficient.