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“Plan It” is an event wherein the participants will have to design and create a blueprint of a structure based on the problem statement given. The problem statement will also include Eco-friendly / Environment friendly and green building aspects.

Event Details:
  • Event Date: 19th & 20th March 2022
  • Mode - Online
  • Each Team can consist of a maximum of 3 members.
  • The Event Manager’s decision will remain final.
  • Plagiarism of any form will not be entertained, and teams will be disqualified.
The event has two rounds.
Round 1:
  • The Teams must Design the house/building based on the given problem statement.
  • The blueprint Plan design must be made in 2D using CAD software or drawn on A3 sheets.
  • The Plan must satisfy the requirements and the conditions given in the problem statement.
  • This is an eliminative round.

Round 2:
  • This round will test your knowledge of the basics of Civil engineering.
  • Shortlisted teams will have to solve the problem statement and design based on given dimensions.
  • The problem statement will specify ECO-FRIENDLY entities or other features to be included in the design.
Judging Criteria:
  • Requirements met.
  • Plan Designs.
  • Detailing of Drawings.
  • Tie-breakers will be decided by the time taken.

1. Are cross-college teams allowed? Yes. Cross-college teams are allowed.
2. Are interdepartmental teams allowed? Yes. You can have members from different departments.
3. Are UG-PG collaborations allowed? No. Only UG students are allowed to participate in the event.

Prize Money: INR 17,000

  • Jairam: 9380872847
  • Prakalya: 9840961696
There have been umpteen occasions where we criticise the planning and development of roads in our cities. Many problems yearn for their solutions between traffic deadlocks and poorly maintained roads. Town Trace gives you the opportunity to present an existing real-life problem and propose a solution for the same, using Applications of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) for creating Smart City in India.

Event Details:
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 15th March 2022
  • Event Date: 19th March 2022
  • Mode - Online

The problem statement is released in the Resources section of the website. Mail your abstracts to
  • Each Team can consist of a maximum of 3 members.
  • The abstract must contain less than 300 words.
  • The judges' decision will remain final.
The event has two rounds.
Round 1:
Participants must upload their abstracts before the specified time. The upload link will be available on the Pragyan website.
Details for abstract submission:
  • Description of the study city.
  • Discuss the issues concerning any specific problems within the city.
  • Propose a solution to solve the issues with the application of ITS.
  • Discuss the feasibility of the proposed solutions.
  • Discuss how the proposed applications are going to be demonstrated.
  • This round is eliminative.

Round 2:
  • Shortlisted Participants for the second round must present their idea to the judges during Pragyan.
  • Participants should send their presentation (along with their 3D design/Videos/Poster, etc.) before Round 2. Participants who do not submit will be disqualified.
  • The demonstration should be done, explaining the features and the factors they have considered for the design.
  • The maximum given time for demonstration is 15 minutes and 5 minutes for interaction with the judge.
Problem Statement:
  • Explore and carefully identify any existing problems in your city that needs to be solved (such as transport, landscaping, context and surrounding, dead spaces, etc) and briefly explain the area & addressed the problem.
  • Prepare a report stating the existing condition of the selected city based on its traffic conditions and road infrastructure, include your ideas to transform the chosen area in your city. The report must contain the drawbacks of the current situation and ideas to resolve them.
  • Briefly explain the phase-wise implementation of the ideas proposed in the report.
  • The report must contain a well-explained evolution of MAP of the chosen area and propose the possible ITS applications for creating the smart city.
  • ITS (intelligent transportation system) application to be shown which aim to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management and enable users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and ‘smarter’ use of transport networks.
  • Use any 3D software/videos/planning software/poster/etc. To demonstrate the proposed smart city and compare existing and proposed conditions.

Judging Criteria:
  • Report: 10 Marks
  • Presentation: 20 Marks
  • Question and Answer: 20 Marks
  • 3D software/Videos/Planning Software/Poster: 50 Marks

1. Are cross-college teams allowed? Yes. Cross-college teams are allowed.
2. Are interdepartmental teams allowed? Yes. You can have members from different departments.
3. Are UG-PG collaborations allowed? No. Only UG students are allowed to participate in the event.

Prize Money: INR 18,000

  • Varshitha: 7569783391
  • Silambarasan: 9003754585
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In these challenging times wrecked by the deadly Covid-19, it is essential to minimise direct contact with various objects to prevent the spreading of the virus. At the time of lockdown, it was quite evident that certain routines were pretty hazardous, like usage of water taps, disposal of cotton, sanitary pads, tissues, etc. These could lead to the spreading of this deadly virus through direct contact.

Who else to help us with than our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman!

Help Mr Spidey by building your own 'No Contact' machine by using the materials mentioned, which could help us prevent the slightest of contacts!

Event Details:
  • Round 1: 6th March
  • Round 2: 7th March - 17th March
  • Mode - Round 1 will take place on the D2C platform (online)
  • Teams with a maximum of 3 members can participate in the event.
  • Inter-college teams are allowed.
  • Teams must submit their videos within the deadline mentioned.
  • Plagiarism of any kind will lead to automatic disqualification.
  • Judges' decision is final.
The event has two rounds.
Round 1 - Quiz:
  • Teams will be attending their quiz on the D2C platform.
  • The top 20 teams qualify for the model's video submission round.
Round 2 - Video Submission:
  • The 20 teams qualified for the finals must submit a video of the working model using the materials specified before the beginning of the round.
  • Based on the judging criteria, the top 3 models will be declared as winners.
Judging Criteria:
  • If the machine works or not (Criterion for elimination)
  • Complexity and Creativity in the idea and design
  • Materials put for use (extra points for using commonly found household items)
  • Application of physics concepts to their advantage
  • If it solves the actual purpose of the event, "NO CONTACT!"

Example Problem Statement:
Help our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman dispose of cotton used by the covid patient using syringes, needles, and other household items. Spiderman cannot touch the items used by the patients.

Prize Money: INR 17,000

  • Maharajan K: 7339451925
  • Akhilesh C: 8903130982
  • Vishnu Bharadwaj R: 9840995138
Electronic circuits drive a large part of our lives today. These complex works of intelligent design intimidate even the brainiest. However, if you are one among those with an aptitude to work tirelessly with circuits, then this is the place for you. Come and test your technical wizardry against the best and unravel simple but dynamic day-to-day circuits by participating in Circuitrix organised by Pragyan in collaboration with Spider.

Aim Of The Event:
  • The event is aimed at testing the students on their ability to apply their theoretical knowledge of practical circuits
  • Aimed at engineering students and professionals, building their own embedded system designs and circuits.
Event Details:
  • Round 1: 19th March
  • Round 2: 19th March
  • Round 3: 20th March
  • Mode - Online
  • A team must comprise not more than 3 participants.
  • Prior registration on Pragyan’s website is required to participate in the online round.
  • The decision of judges is final and binding.
  • The teams can choose any software from the following: LtSpice, Pspice, Multisim
The event has three rounds.
Round 1 - Online Test:
  • It will consist of multiple-choice questions on the basics of electronic circuits.
  • The test can be taken only once by a team.
  • 30 Questions are to be solved in 60 minutes.
  • This round is Eliminative.
  • This round will be conducted on Dare2Compete.
Round 2 - Circuit Debugging:
  • Participants will be given a faulty circuit and the expected output as an image. They are expected to simulate and debug the circuit and give the correct output.
  • Round 2 is assessed based on the time taken and the closeness of the obtained output to the desired result.
  • The PDF file containing the correct circuit and output image should be submitted.
  • Virtual money for round 3 will be awarded to 8-10 selected teams.
Round 3 - Circuit Design:
  • Participants will be given a problem statement.
  • They must design and build a circuit with the virtual money earned from the previous round.
  • A list of the components will be given with its price marked against it.
  • A PDF file containing the circuit diagram images and the output obtained should be submitted. Also, the simulation file must be attached along with the PDF.
Judging Criteria:
Round 2:
  • This round will have a time limit of 75 minutes +10 minutes additional time to upload the required files.
  • Points will be given based on the following factors -
    • The closeness of the output with the required output
    • Operation conditions
    • The number of components used
  • If the team completes debugging in “t” minutes, the team gets additional points of (75-t)*10.
  • Virtual money = Base Amount (same for each team) +Total additional points.
Round 3:
  • The closeness of the output with the required output
  • Operation conditions
  • The number of components used
  • The virtual money left
  • The submission will not be considered if the circuit’s cost exceeds the virtual money.

Example Problem Statement for Round 3:
Sample problem statement for round 3: I am an X-dimensional body. I can see a square, but I cannot see a sphere. I am great because I have n sides such that n= smallest perfect number – sqrt(n). I am made of 2 sets of members: ones who meet and ones who do not. The ones who meet have all their parameters alike. Find me! Design a waveform generator using an op-amp that generates this waveform at X kHz.

Prize Money: INR 18,000

  • Maharajan K: 7339451925
  • Nayan Kumar: 6206809612
  • Aryan Kumar: 8102857263
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Pragyan, in association with Spider, presents Web Wars - a web development contest consisting of two interesting rounds to test your web designing and developing skills.

Event Details:
  • Round 1 Date - 17/03/2022, 8 PM IST
  • Mode - Online
  • It is a team event.
  • Participants can register in teams of 1-2 members.
  • A participant can be a part of one team only.
  • For round 2, the website should be made with HTML, CSS and Vanilla JS only.
  • Purchased templates, prebuilt themes, frameworks and libraries are not allowed.
  • Sharing of answers and codes will result in disqualification.
  • Do not discuss strategy, suggestions or tips anywhere during the live event.
  • Involvement in any sort of plagiarism or malpractices will lead to disqualification.
  • In case of discrepancies, the decision of the organisers is final and binding.
The event has two rounds.
Round 1:
  • This round is a multiple choice quiz on Web development basics (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).
  • This is an eliminative round.
  • Platform - D2C
Round 2:
  • Round 2 is a website designing contest on a given problem statement using HTML, CSS and Vanilla JS only.
  • Participants should host the website on Github pages and submit the website link along with the Github repo link.
Judging Criteria:
Round 1:
  • Participants will be ranked according to the marks obtained.
  • Ties will be broken by the total time for each user in ascending order of time.
Round 2:
  • Judging will be based on UI/UX, responsiveness, colours/fonts used, overall layout, coding clarity and standards.
  • Marks will be awarded based on relevance and adherence to the problem statement, novelty, visual appeal and style, consistent look and feel, readability and other trivial details.
1) How many people can be there in one team?
One team can have at most two participants for this event.
2) Are there any prerequisites?
Knowledge of basic web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) is necessary.

Prize Money: INR 20,000

  • Subramanian: 9499926470
  • Sunith: 9094182051
  • Sai Sandhya: 9361789794
  • Sindhu: 8056383707
Pragyan, in association with CodeChef NITT Chapter, presents Code Venatic - a competitive coding contest to test your programming and problem-solving skills.

Event Details:
  • Date - In April (Will be updated)
  • Platform - CodeChef
  • Mode - Online
  • It is an individual event.
  • Points will be awarded to the solution only if it passes all existing test cases.
  • The score will be based on the number of problems solved and the time taken.
  • Participants can make multiple submissions.
  • Each wrong submission will lead to penalty points.
  • CodeChef-supported languages are allowed.
  • Involvement in any sort of plagiarism or malpractice will lead to disqualification.
  • The decision of the event managers is final and binding.
A regular competitive programming contest covering a wide range of data structures and algorithms spanning 3 hours on CodeChef.
Judging Criteria:
  • The participants will be evaluated based on the number of questions answered and their accuracy over time.
  • There will be penalty points (for each wrong submission, time limit exceeded or run time error), ten penalty minutes would be added.
  • Ties will be broken by the total time taken.
1) What are the prerequisites for the event?
Interest in coding and an account on CodeChef is enough to take part in the event.
2) What are the allowed languages?
All programming languages supported on CodeChef are allowed.

Prize Money: INR 30,000

  • Subramanian: 9499926470
  • Sobhagya: 8824838422
  • Narendra: 9752120925
Capture The
Capture The Flag (CTF) is a cybersecurity competition that is all about finding weaknesses and exploiting loopholes in various computer programs. CTF aims to engage participants in the creative exploration of real-world computer security by distilling the significant disciplines of professional cybersecurity into short, objectively measurable exercises. The Pragyan version is an ethical hacking contest in which contestants will have to find pieces of information, called ‘flags’, hidden in each of the challenges. So, assemble your team, prepare to decrypt hidden messages, exploit vulnerabilities, and do whatever it takes to Capture the Flag! Visit to register and play!

Event Details:
  • Start Date - 5th March
  • Mode - Online
  • Players can compete individually or in teams of up to 4 members.
  • Any attempt to attack the host system in ways unintended by the challenge will lead to disqualification.
  • Any kind of Denial-of-Service Attack (DoS/DDoS) against the servers or the competition’s infrastructure is strictly forbidden.
  • Teams should work independently; sharing answers or collaborating with another team constitutes cheating.
  • Brute-forcing the flags is not allowed.
  • The source codes or the solutions should not be made public/open-sourced during the contest.
  • Doubts/queries regarding the questions (if any) should be asked to us directly.
  • Posting such queries in IRC or channels/public forums will not be entertained.
  • Any kind of violation of these rules will mean immediate disqualification of the team.
  • The decision of the event managers will be deemed final and binding.
  • It will be a ‘Jeopardy!’ style, 36-hour online contest that happens during Pragyan 2022.
  • There will be a set of challenges from a range of categories like Cryptography, Web Security, Forensics, Steganography, Reverse Engineering, Binary Exploits, etc.
  • The challenges can either be a collection of files that they can download and find the “Flag” or can be running as web services to which the participants connect and exploit to retrieve the Flag.
  • Each category contains a variety of questions with different point values and levels of difficulty.
  • The participants will be ranked based on their scores, and the time taken will be used as a tiebreaker.
Judging Criteria:
  • Each category contains a variety of questions of different point values and difficulties.
  • Participants will be ranked based on their scores, and the time taken to solve the challenge will be considered in case of a tie.
  • The decision of the organisers will be final.

1) I am a complete newbie; can I participate?
Yes, you can. Learning is one of the most important objectives of this contest. Just go through the online resources and CTF guides to get started.
2) What resources do I need to participate?
You need a computer system with an active internet connection, a modern browser, and the ability to run Linux/Windows applications.

Prize Money: INR 40,000

  • Subramanian: 9499926470
  • Anirudh V S: 9003134022
  • Akarsh Malik: 7413994852
  • Ezhil: 6381553859
Code Character is a strategy programming game where you control troops in a turn-based game with the code you write in one of the multiple programming languages (C++, Python, Java) available in the game. The objective is to destroy and vanquish the opponent's territory by writing code and creating strategic defences via the in-game map. After testing the code against yourself, it must be set to challenge other players and battle against their maps. With progress and implementation of new competitive strategies, fight your way through, and dominate the top of the leaderboard. Visit to register and play!

Event Details:
  • Start Date - 1st March
  • Mode - Online
  • It is an individual event.
  • Unfair means to guarantee advantage will lead to disqualification.
  • The decision of the organisers will be final and binding in case of disputes.
  • Game rules will be explained in detail in the game documentation, which will be released one day before the game launch.
  • The participants have to fight against their various opponents' maps and rank up.
  • The ranking system varies with wins and losses.
Prerequisite Knowledge:
Knowledge of one of the programming languages supported in the game.

Judging Criteria:
The participant with the highest rating wins.

1) Do I need to set up the environment on my local machine to code?
Not at all. You can compile and run your code directly in the integrated editor.
2) Is the event entirely online?
Yes. Code Character is entirely played on the web.

Prize Money: INR 20,000

  • Subramanian: 9499926470
  • Rinish: 9442129406
  • Dipesh: 9654220462
  • Vikash: 7050352720
Coming up Soon!!!
Premier League
Pragyan Premier league is an online fantasy cricket league that lets you manage your own team. From buying your squad to deciding the line-ups, your decisions determine the fate of your team. A dynamic environment combined with real, rival managers worldwide forces you to strategise and master the odds to outwit your opponent. Eight days. Eight matches. One team. Do you have what it takes to lead your team to glory? Visit to play the game!

Event Details:
  • Start Date: 1st March 2022, 7PM IST
  • Mode - Online
  • Each team is required to buy a squad of a minimum of 11 players. This squad will be retained throughout Round 1.
  • Financial and minimum player type constraints (minimum of 3 bowlers, one all-rounder, and one wicket-keeper) are present.
  • Each team must choose 11 players for each match.
  • Player can be sold between the league.
  • No points are awarded for saving money in the entire process. A user is free to spend all of the given money as seen fit.
  • They will retain the previously chosen team if no team has been chosen for a successive match.
  • Virtual matches are simulated, and scores of each player and team are determined.
  • Match length will be 20 overs.
  • The league table is updated after every match based on the points and net run rate.
  • The top 16 teams at the end of Round 1 will qualify for Round 2.
  • The decision of the judges will be final and binding on all the participants of the event.
The event has two rounds.
Round 1 – Online Round:
  • One trial round (not counted in the league ranking) to help people familiarise themselves with the game.
  • One chance to buy your squad for the league.
  • Eight simulated matches.

Round 2 – On-site Round:
  • The tournament will follow the standard knockout format starting with 16 teams.
  • Ball-by-ball simulated matches with five overs per innings.
  • Live auction (with automatic disqualification if at least eleven players are not bought).
  • Top 16 teams from the online round are invited.
Judging Criteria:
  • Participants start with zero points.
  • For every match, all the players are awarded points based on their performance in the algorithmically simulated match.
  • The participant’s total score is the sum of their individual performance player’s (playing 11) score.
  • The top 16 teams qualify for the next round.

1. Can I make changes to my squad after entering the game?
Ans. No, you cannot make changes to your squad after choosing the team. You can only pick your playing 11 from your squad for every match.
2. What playing combination should I use?
Ans. Minimum of 3 bowlers, 1 All-rounder, and 1 wicket-keeper.
3. What happens if I do not submit a playing 11 for a match?
Ans. The playing 11 from your previous match will be chosen automatically.
4. Are multiple accounts allowed?
Ans. No. Any team found violating this rule will be disqualified immediately.
5. Are there any bonus points?
Ans. No. There are no bonus points.

Prize Money: INR 20,000

  • Chirag: 7351740611
  • Sneha: 99529 71097
  • P.S.Sushmita: 8778490248
Outbreak Origins is a single-player, real-time, multi-level game based on pandemic management. Players are expected to manage their resources by implementing control measures in different sections of a geographic location to curb the outbreak.

Event Details:
  • Dates: 10th March - 14th March 2022
  • Mode - Online
  • Each Player starts the game with a predefined amount of cash.
  • Every resource that the player invests in during a game reduces the cash.
  • After every fixed interval inside the game, a new event pops up, which the user can either: accept, decline, or postpone. The results of each action vary according to the situation.
  • For the leaderboard, the scores from different levels will be aggregated.
  • The game will be divided into four levels. The rankings are based on the aggregate scores from all the levels.
  • The players can continue and pause the game at their convenience for each level, but the player can’t replay it once the level is over.
  • The game will be played over four days, ideally giving players one day for each level.
Judging Criteria:
  • Participants start with zero points.
  • All the players are awarded points for every level based on their success in controlling the outbreak.
  • The scoring of each game is based on factors like the remaining amount of money, deaths, and time taken to eradicate the virus.

1) What is the goal of this game?
To minimise the number of deaths due to infections in the shortest time.
2) Is this based on accurate models of how infections spread?
We have based our simulations on existing mathematical models, but they are meant to be educational and reflect real-life situations perfectly.
3) How do I earn money?
A player can earn money by accepting to organise events that pop up from time to time.

Prize Money: INR 20,000

  • Shashwat: 9608246713
  • Chirag: 7351740611
  • Akhilesh C: 8903130982
  • Shreyas: 9840792789
“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs.
The marketing world is changing dramatically, so Marketers need to be spontaneous and on point in their approach. Marketing Hub is a dynamic combination of marketing concepts, logical reasoning, and data interpretations that will test your mettle across various exciting sections. Marketing hub provides an opportunity to unleash creative marketing skills by stimulating the grey matter and making one recall all those marketing facts and conceptions the person can think of.
Here is the opportunity to unleash the best in you!

Event Details:
  • Mode - Online
  • The event is of 4 rounds.
  • Team Size: 3 – 4 per Team.
  • All members of each team must be from the same institution/college.
  • Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration.
  • Teams are bound to clarify all doubts during the presentation of their ideas.
  • No plagiarism in ideas or thoughts would be accepted.
  • Vulgarity will not be entertained.
  • The decision of the event judges will be final and binding on all the participants.
  • Participants are requested to maintain attire integrity.
First Round - Quiz
  • As a part of Phase One of the competition, we bring before you the online quiz to challenge your marketing knowledge and judge you on your business acumen.
  • This round will be an Elimination Round.
  • The quiz will be held on the D2C platform.
  • The quiz consists of 20 questions for 15 minutes.
  • Only the team leader can take the quiz.

Second Round - Brand Quest
  • Shortlisted teams will have to face two rounds of Marketing trivia.
  • The trivia questions will be based on the latest marketing events.
  • The trivia will be held on MS Teams.
  • Every participant is mandated to turn on their cameras during the event.
  • It will be a point-based evaluation. The Top teams will qualify for the next round.

Third Round – Product Pitch
  • Shortlisted teams will have to choose a product from the given options.
  • Each team needs to prepare a product pitch video on the chosen product.
  • The duration of the video should not be more than 5 minutes.
  • The submission process will be communicated later.
  • This round will be an Elimination Round.

Fourth Round – Grand Finale
  • The top 5 teams will qualify for this round.
  • Each team will be provided with a random product/service segment.
  • First, they need to identify the top brand of the given segment.
  • Second, they need to identify the given segment's second top brand.
  • Each team needs to prepare a detailed presentation on getting the second top brand to the first position.
  • Presentation Duration: 15 Minutes
  • After every presentation, there will be a Q&A round.
Judging Criteria:
  • Depth of understanding of rounds.
  • Innovation and Creativity of ideas.
  • Viability and Sustainability of ideas.
  • Professionalism of the presentation.
  • Integration of ideas.
  • Response of Judges’ questions.

Prize Money: INR 25,000

  • Naveen: 92495 99099
  • Chirag: 7351740611
  • Gowtham: 82483 83017
  • Silambarasan U: 9003754585
Are you a stock market enthusiast? Do the words Sensex and Nasdaq mean more to you than mere names on the scrolling bar of news channels? At Pragyan ’22, we have the perfect platform for you to test your trading skills, and see if you understand the evolution of trade from barter to the modern-day stock exchange, here at Dalal Street! Are you willing to do what it takes to stand out from the crowd and become the wolf of Dalal Street?
  • All players start the game with a fixed amount of cash.
  • Players make/lose money by trading stock in exchange.
  • Players get to predict market behaviour by virtue of the constant news feed.
  • The market will often swing wildly - keep a keen eye on the news.
  • A constantly updating market depth will be shown for each stock to help players decide what other players think of that stock.
  • Phone Verification is used for the identification of unique players.
  • Users can refer the game to others and get in-game cash rewards.
  • The player will be blocked from the entire event, if they’re found guilty of any forms of malpractices including but not limited to having multiple accounts, cash funnelling operation between accounts.
  • The event will be conducted in a single round, lasting over a period of 7 days.
  • The stock market functions from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM.
  • Players will have to get a feel for the market price and news related to companies.
  • Players have to buy, sell, and mortgage stocks based on their predictions.
  • Besides human participation, bots (of various intelligence levels) will also play to keep the market alive and random.
Judging Criteria:
Players are expected to climb their way to the top of the leaderboard by making intelligent investments. Players are ranked based on their net worth which is the sum of the liquid cash they own and the net worth of their stocks.

1) What is trade? How can I trade?
Trade is done at the stock exchange. You buy company stock from the stocks in exchange. You enter the amount of stock you want to buy from the company and click on ‘Trade’ to complete a successful trade.
2) How can I buy stocks from other players?
You can buy stocks by giving a ‘Bid’ order for the particular stock. You will receive the stock only if your bid is successful. You are permitted to negotiate for the same stock by sending another bid.
3) How can I sell stocks to other players?
You can sell stocks by giving an ‘Ask’ order for the particular stock. Only when your ‘Ask’ is successful will you receive the money. However, you can negotiate for the same stock by sending another ‘Ask’ order.
4) What are the types of orders supported by Dalal Street’s exchange?
We support ‘Limit’, ‘Market’ and ‘Stop Loss’ orders. If you’re not sure what these terms mean, worry not. We have provided resources for you to familiarise yourself with these terms.
5) Who can participate in Dalal Street?
Anyone with a valid Pragyan ID can participate. If you don’t have a Pragyan ID, please register on the Pragyan website.
6) What is the role of bots? Who makes the bots?
The bots are present to provide realistic market fluctuations. They behave like human players - they buy, sell, and mortgage stocks following their own strategies. A large number of these, each different from the other, will give the market a randomness factor. The bots will not have any advantage over human players - they will take their own sweet time to trade stocks. After all, the prize money is only for human players. Also, the bots are designed by us and not the participants.
7) Whom should I approach in case of technical problems or queries?
You can always call our managers directly in case of any emergency. Every player will be notified in case of technical difficulties within the Dalal Dashboard under the notification or alert tab. Further instructions will be put up on our main site.

Prize Money: INR 20,000

  • Sivaraman: 99943 16028
  • Chirag: 7351740611
Beer Factory is an online strategy-based game designed to test the skills of the participants in the art of resource management. There are two different game modes available for the participants: Single Player mode and Duel mode. Players are expected to oversee the production and management processes of beer and wine in their factory and their goal is to maximise profit by boosting popularity and overcoming various hurdles across different seasons. In Single Player mode, participants compete against a computer-simulated opponent.

Event Details:
  • Start Date: 14th March 2022
  • Mode - Online
  • Each participant starts the game with a predetermined amount of cash and beers.
  • The participant earns a profit for each beer sold during the turn.
  • Each unsold beer contributes to a negative inventory cost.
  • A new product is unlocked after a certain number of turns. This is calculated by an algorithm, and the product has separate popularity and quality.
  • In the Duel mode, both the players in a match will get the same resources and number of turns. The player with the highest score at the end, wins the duel.
  • The game is divided into 6 seasons. Each player gets to face different challenges in each season. The player is also provided with mid-season incentives provided he satisfies the targets given at the start of each season.
  • In the Duel mode, both the players in a match will get the same resources and number of turns. The player with the highest score, in the end, wins the duel.
It is a turn-based game. The various activities involved during a turn are:
  • Recording of simulated retailers’ demands.
  • Decision-making regarding supply to retailers based on various factors like popularity and current demand.
  • Order placement for the next round.
  • Factory enhancement decisions like increasing the capacity, improving the transportation system, and so on.
There will be an opponent factory playing with the same set of retailers. Your actions will affect the popularity of your opponent and vice versa. There will be a total of around 240 turns. New retailers will be unlocked over time as the game progresses. The winner is decided based on the final score, which is an aggregate of popularity among retailers and the factory's profits.
Judging Criteria:
The winner is decided solely based on his/her factory’s “popularity rating” and the “profit rating”. Further information on how this is calculated shall be provided later. Duels will have a leaderboard separate from the Single Player mode. The decision of the event organisers is final. Requests to make changes in the results shall not be entertained. Any malpractices will lead to disqualification from the leaderboard.

1) Should I stay online throughout the entire duration?
Yes, you are expected to stay online but you can pause the game and continue whenever you want to.
2) What happens if there are unexpected situations like power failure?
We accommodate such events if they occur. You can contact the event managers for more details.
3) Does the game require any prerequisites?
No. Management skills and strategic thinking are sufficient to play the game.

Prize Money: INR 20,000

  • Senthilnathan S: 7094848375
  • Chirag: 7351740611
  • Indresh P: 7598675372
On Robots
  • Attack on Robots is a multiplayer resource management game based on strategic city planning. Participants attempt to design safe and secure cities with the available resources and attempt to find weaknesses in other cities.
  • Each player designs robot cities with the given resources.
  • Players can choose to attack opponent cities with the given resources and deactivate as many robots as possible.

Event Details:
  • Dates: 8th March - 14th March 2022
  • Mode - Online
  • Each player has to design a new base at every level before the attack phase starts during that level.
  • Each player can choose to attack unique bases during the attack phase of a level.
  • All players play at the same level; when a level is increased, resources are updated.
  • Based on the overall rating, the top players in the leaderboard are selected as winners.
  • Attack on Robots is a level-based game, and each level takes place during a specific period.
  • Each level has 2 phases: Defense and Attack Phase
  • Defense Phase: Various activities involved during this phase are:
    • Designing a robot city for the player using the various resources provided to the user and connecting them using roads.
  • Attack Phase: Various activities involved during this phase are:
    • Choosing an opponent city to plan your attack on their city.
    • Planning an attacker robot's path from the entrance of the selected opponent city.
    • Placing EMP attacks on the route and setting their execution time to deactivate the maximum number of robots.
  • A simulation will show and calculate how the attack took place and assign the respective ratings of the players involved.
  • Further information regarding the number of levels, number of attacks allowed per level, period of level, and phase, will be informed later.

  • For an attack on a city, the following ratings are calculated:
    • Defense rating, given to the defending city player, depends directly on the survival percentage of robots and on the number of EMPs used.
    • Attack rating, given to the attacker, depends directly on the percentage of robots deactivated and inversely on the number of EMPs used.
  • The overall rating of a player is a factor of all the player's attack ratings and defense ratings.
Judging Criteria:
The winners are solely selected based on their overall rating. In case of any malpractice or unfair play, the organisers can ban the player and remove their performance from the leaderboard. The decision of the event organisers is final. No requests for changes shall be entertained.

1) What is the ultimate goal of the game?
To construct and design protective and efficient cities and also be able to find possible weaknesses in other cities and plan effective attacks.
2) When does the player need to be online?
The player needs to be online when the attack and defence phase is open, which will be announced on the site.
3) Are there any prerequisites required?
None, just the understanding of the event rules and description, should be sufficient.

Prize Money: INR 20,000

  • Subramaniyam: 8838991015
  • Chirag: 7351740611
  • Varunalingam: 7358669054
  • Paduchuri Venkata Pavani: 7032080809
The Ultimate
Every crisis is a chance to contract or expand. Have you ever fantasised about owning a restaurant chain? Have you ever fantasised about resurrecting a once-thriving location from the ashes?

We want to raise the bar even higher this year.

Good management is the art of making issues and solutions so engaging and constructive, that everyone wants to work and solve them. The Ultimate Manager 2022 will provide you with an experience that will put your management skills to the test in real-life situations. Competitors will be put through rigorous sessions covering every facet of management, including finance, marketing, strategy, operations, systems, and human resources. Prepare to compete against the best and brightest minds from all over the country. Defend yourself against all odds in real-life business situations and emergencies. To be declared the Best Manager, unlock your potential, unleash your inventiveness, and push your limits.

Prepare to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with higher stakes and amazing prizes. Managers; put on your suit and get ready to dazzle!

Event Details:
  • Dates: 16th March - 20th March 2022
  • Mode - Online
Round 1 - La Devinette (The Quiz)
Mode: D2C
  • This will be a screening round. Candidates will attempt the quiz as a group of 3-4.
  • Only the team heads can take part in this round.
  • The quiz will have 25 MCQs of equal weightage.
  • The participants will receive 20 minutes to attempt the quiz.
  • There will be ten questions on Business Aptitude and B-Quiz, and five questions on Current Affairs & General Awareness.
  • One mark for every correct answer.
  • 0.33 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer
  • The results for this round will be declared on 16th March 2022 EOD. Check your emails regularly for further notifications of upcoming rounds.

Round 2 - Case Study (Group Activity)
  • Shortlisted teams will be given a case study related to a relevant field of business.
  • Each group will get 1.5 hours to submit a 5-slide ppt on the case study (excluding introduction and thank you).
  • Make sure that the content used in the ppt is original.
  • This will be followed by a 5-minute presentation & 5- minute Q&A session.
  • This is a shortlisting round. Selected teams would move ahead to the next round.
  • The results for this round will be declared on the day you present.

Round 3 – Elevator Pitch (Individual round)

Do you believe you have mastered convincing abilities to sow seeds of your product idea to potential consumers? So, we've created a platform for you to present your master pitch and unleash your inner entrepreneur. Take advantage of the opportunity and let the audience hear your stories!
  • You will be given a product on the spot on which you are expected to deliver a 5min elevator pitch.
  • You must pitch the product in front of the judges.
  • Shortlisted participants from this round will proceed to the next round. The results for this round will be declared on 18th March EOD.

Round 4 – Crisis Management (Group round)
  • All shortlisted members should be present on the day of the event.
  • They will be put into multiple groups on a random basis.
  • A crisis will be given to them.
  • Teams are required to enact the solution of the given crisis on the spot.
  • The duration must be within 5 minutes.
  • Participants will be judged and shortlisted based on their performance. The results for this round will be declared on 19th March EOD.

Round 5 - Panel Interview (Personal interview)
  • Shortlisted participants must submit their Resume.
  • The final round consists of a Panel Interview with experts from different sectors.
  • Interview Time: 15 minutes per participant.
  • Participants are required to sell themselves as "The Ultimate Manager" to the experts. The results for this round will be declared upon completing the final round.
Judging Criteria:
  • Managerial skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Stress-handling
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Decision-making skills

1) What does The Ultimate Manager aim to do?
Ultimate Manager is an event that tests your business and managerial skills.
2) What does this event entail? How many rounds does it have?
The event tests the managerial capabilities of an individual through five rounds. All rounds are eliminative. The qualifying candidates move on to the next round.
3) Who can participate in this event?
The event is open for all.
4) How do you register for the event?
Registration for the event can be done online.
5) What is the mode of the competition?
The competition will be conducted online.

Prize Money: INR 25,000

  • Aryan: 8102857263
  • Chirag: 7351740611
  • Varun: 90038 21248
Coming up Soon!!!
Brought to you by Pragyan in collaboration with RMI, Simdroid is an online robot simulation competition, where the participants have to develop a robot that is capable of doing a specific task.

Event Details:
  • Abstract Submission Deadline - 12th March 2022
  • Date of Final Round - 21th March 2022
  • Mode - Online

The problem statement is released in the Resources section of the website. Mail your abstracts in pdf format to
  • A team may consist of 2-4 members.
  • Materials submitted must be the team's original work.
  • Any plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification.
  • Imported geometries will not be allowed.
  • The Solidwork file should be submitted in step file format.
  • The problem statement will be released one week before the event day.
  • Participants must present their simulation in an online meet scheduled on the event day.
First Round - Abstract Submission
  • Participants have to submit their idea regarding the solution.
  • Complete abstract with a good idea will be selected for the next round.

Second Round - Simulation Round
  • The participants have to design a robot from scratch capable of solving the given problem.
  • The participants must use Solidworks software for designing and Ansys for simulating their robots.
  • The participants must present their simulation before the judges on the event day.
Problem Statement:
We all know that life of each organism is important. We can help them survive in many ways; one among them is removing our waste from their survival environment. Removing waste above water level and in lower levels of water is more accessible, but waste removal is hard in deep seas and oceans. Though there are several approaches for it in our daily life, we can find very few feasible solutions. But when it comes to efficiency, the efficiency is too low due to the high pressure and lack of light deep under the ocean. Develop the mechanism of the robot that can remove all the wastes from deep seas and oceans.

Abstract Round:
1) In the abstract, explain the idea and mechanism in detail with suitable resources.
2) You can choose any material for the robot's parts. State the reason for selecting a specific material.

Judging Criteria:
  • Feasibility of the idea
  • Clarity of simulation
  • Effectiveness of the solution
  • Time of Submission (in case of a tie between two teams in the second round)

1) How will the event be conducted?
It is an online event where participants need to design and simulate their robots.
2) Who can participate in the event?
Any participant with a proper college ID can participate in the event.
3) Will you provide a licence for Solidworks and Ansys software?
No, we will not provide a licence for the software.

Prize Money: INR 15,000

  • Srinivasa Kannapan: 8610183223
  • Harivathsan: 7305205660
  • Sindhu: 8056383707
Coming up Soon!!!
Pandora's Box
Friendly feud helps the students break free from the monotonous cycle of classes, labs and exams and compete in an event that is tailor-made to let them have the maximum amount of fun while testing their focus and brainpower. The answers to the questions asked in Friendly Feud are unique in that they aren't factual "answers" at all. They are based on the answers provided by a survey panel. Contestants are asked to come up with the most popular answers to each question, which are placed on the game board and revealed as teams provide them.

Event Details:
  • Event Date: 19th March 2022
  • Mode - Online
Points to remember for Round 1:
  • Before the scheduled time for round 1, the participants would be sent the link to the quiz.
  • The competition would be proctored thoroughly by the organisers.

Points to remember for Round 2:
  • The second session will be done via Zoom. A discord server might also be used for this.
  • The contestants must remain in the competition throughout the entire duration of the competition.
  • Questions will be asked to each participant in random order by the host.
  • If a participant's response is not among the top ten responses recorded, the percentage for that response will be zero.
  • Ties in round 2 will be broken based on round 1 rankings.
  • There are two rounds.
  • The competition is a knockout round.
  • Individual participation is required.
  • The teams that finish within the top 10 placed in the first round would advance to the second and final round.

Round 1:
  • The first round involves the participants attending a live quiz on one of the several websites such as Kahoot, Quizziz.
  • It would consist of a fixed number of questions, say 10-15, which have to be answered in a specified time duration, say 15-20 seconds.
  • Questions based on pictures, guess the entity from these emojis, posters, etc., will be asked.
  • Tiebreaks would be solved by the time of completion.
  • The top 10 contestants would proceed to the second round.

Round 2:
Participants must choose their top three choices for each question in this round, and those who choose the ones with the highest cumulative % of occurrence* will receive the highest points, say 10, the second-best will receive 9, the third-best will receive 8, and so on.

These questions will be asked in a survey, and the responses will be recorded and categorised.

Here's a sample question: Name something that people open.
Chips, Eyes, Book, Laptop, Bottle, Door, Gift, Mail, Zip, Lock

The responses provided are presumed to be those of individuals who took part in the survey. The participants would simply be given the question without any options, and they would be required to provide three responses to the question. The percentage of occurrence of the responses would be summed, and the participant would be graded for the question based on the cumulative percentage of answers, as previously stated.
Judging Criteria:
  • Anyone suspected of engaging in unethical behaviour will be disqualified.
  • There are no partial points awarded for guessing close answers (Round 1).
  • In case of disputes, the judges' decision will be final and binding.

1) Who can participate in Friendly Feud?
Anyone can participate in this event.
2) Are inter-college teams allowed?
Participants are not allowed to form teams as this event requires individual participation.

Prize Money: INR 15,000

  • Priyanka: 8400052889
  • Jairam: 9380872847
  • Shrivijay: 9952907140
Pandora's Box
We Are
We are Swift provides you with an opportunity to take some time off and have a boatload of fun while winning exciting prizes. This event tests your spontaneity, knowledge in various areas, analytical thinking, linguistic skills, reflexes, and above all, your team spirit. All you need is a sharp mind and a competitive zeal.

Event Details:
  • Event Date: 17th March 2022
  • Round 1 Venue: Orion
  • Round 2 Venue: A12 Hall
  • In case of dispute, the decision of the event coordinators will be final.
  • Any team(s) suspected of malpractice will be immediately disqualified.
  • There are two rounds.
  • Aptitude test (Eliminative round)
  • Quiz (On-the-spot)

Round 1:
  • It is an individual round.
  • People have to solve a certain number of questions in a given time.
  • The top 12 contestants will be selected for Round 2

Round 2:
  • From the selected 12 contestants, a total of 6 teams will be formed, with each team having 2 members.
  • This will be an on spot buzzer round with two levels which will be conducted one after the other.
  • Level 1 questions will be mostly based on blood relation type.
  • The teams that have the top 4 scores in level 1 will proceed to level 2.
  • The second level will test the participants' general awareness.
  • The teams that have the top 3 scores in level 2 will be declared winners.
Judging Criteria:
Round 2:
Level 1:
  • Points will be given only for the team that gives the first correct answer.

Level 2:
  • Points for giving the first correct answer.
  • Negative points for giving wrong answers.

1) Who can participate in We Are Swift?
Only NIT Trichy students who are present on campus can take part in the event.
2) Does this event require individual participation?
Yes, it requires individual participation.

Prize Money: INR 15,000

  • Priyanka: 8400052889
  • Rishika: 8825974162
  • Varshitha: 7569783391
Coming up Soon!!!

M-Decoder is a one-of-a-kind mathematical event conducted by Pragyan in collaboration with Spider and Maximus Clubs of NIT Trichy! Do you find yourself working out everyday problems in your head? Does the sound of a fascinating new conundrum get you excited? Imagine yourself in a room filled with puzzles. The only way to get out is by solving all of them in the most efficient way possible. Featuring a range of intriguing puzzles, paramount problems, and mind-blowing riddles, M-Decoder surely seeks to bring out the Edward Nygma in you.


Pragyan M-Decoder Website (Link) (will be live from 14th March, 9:00 PM IST)


NOTE: Use the same credentials as used for registration on Pragyan’22 Main website for logging into the M-Decoder website to compete in the event.


Do you have what it takes to be the Riddler? Find out.

Event Details:

  • Event Date: 14th - 16th March 2022
  • Mode - Online
  • M-Decoder is an individual event.
  • Participants must log in to the portal between 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM each day to compete.
  • M-Decoder is an online event spanning three days which will be open for 2 hours each day from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM.
  • Participants can start the contest any time within this time frame and will be allowed to play for 100 minutes from the start time until the portal has been closed.
  • The event will have three sections (Hard, Medium, and Easy).
  • The participant will be directed to the Hard section at first, and the other sections remain locked.
  • If the participant feels the need to shift to the next section (Medium), the Hard section can be locked, and they can move on to the Medium section.
  • The same procedure applies to the transition from the Medium to Easy section.
  • The participant with the most points at the end of the third day wins.
  • Only one chance will be given to the participant on any particular day to go back from Easy to Medium or Medium to Hard, and this can be used only on one of the three days.
  • If you missed out on a day of participation, you can still solve the previous day's problems in the 2 hour period the next day.
  • As you may expect, the scores will be reduced for those problems.
  • For further details about scoring, please visit the judging criteria.
  • You can only see questions from the immediate previous day, i.e, you cannot see the 1st day's questions on the 3rd day.
Judging Criteria:
  • Maximum points:
    • Hard – 1000
    • Medium – 600
    • Easy - 300
  • Maximum points:
    • Hard – 500
    • Medium – 300
    • Easy - 150
  • When you solve a question on your first attempt, you will receive maximum points, and when you solve the same question after moving up from an easier level, you will receive minimum points.
  • Scorecurr = Scoremax - (Scoremax * time)/(Scoremax + time)
  • Scorecurr = Current Score
  • Scoremax = Maximum Score
  • Time is measured in seconds.

1) What are the weights assigned to each section per question?
Hard - 1000 points, Medium - 600 points, Easy - 300 points
2) What if many people copy my answer?
For each section, the scoring starts with maximum points and reduces as time progresses. The formula is given in the Judging Criteria below. The minimum number of points a person can score is capped at (Max points for the section) / 2, that is, Hard – 500 points, Medium - 300 points, Easy - 150 points
3) Can I come back to the Hard section after I finish Easy?
You can move one level up, on any one of the three days.
4) What happens if I finish before time?
Your score is locked, and you can’t proceed to earlier sections.
5) Will spare time be carried over to succeeding days?
No, spare time will not be carried over to the succeeding days.

Prize Money: INR 15,000

  • Abhishek: 7016508819
  • Nayan: 6206809612
  • Parth: 8178460151
  • Thiyaneswaran: 8778070106
This event challenges participants to test their logical and detective skills. The goal of the game is to find clues from the evidence given, make your case, and solve the crime.

Event Details:
  • Event Dates:
    • Round 1: 18th March 2022
    • Round 2: 19th March 2022
    • Round 3: 20th March 2022
  • Mode - Online
  • The first round will be an individual round. Based on the scores, teams will be formed by the event organisers, and a Discord channel will be made for further communication.
  • Any kind of malpractice during the event is strictly prohibited.
  • The decision of the event managers will be deemed final.
The event has three rounds.
Round 1:
  • Round 1 will be a quiz round.
  • This round will test your reasoning and aptitude skills as well as knowledge about detective skills and forensic investigation.
  • It is an elimination round.

Round 2:
  • People will be shortlisted into teams of 4, and teams will be formed by the organisers, based on their scores in previous rounds.
  • In this round, audio clips related to the crime scene will be played.
  • Participants need to figure out what took place at the crime scene using the clues encrypted in the audio clips.
  • Using the clues found in the audio clips, they are requested to send a description of what took place at the crime scene.
  • Teams can send the description three times throughout the event, and the best one with the highest score will be chosen.
  • Extra audio/visual clips would be made available upon request at the cost of points.

Round 3:
  • The top 4 teams will race against time to solve the crime scenes by following the storyline.
  • Pieces of a photo will be given as a clue.
  • The description can be sent three times, and the best one with minimal clues will be chosen.
  • Extra pieces of the image would be made available upon request at the cost of points.
Judging Criteria:
Round 1:
  • Players are ranked in order of the points they score.
  • In the case of ties, the participant who has completed the quiz in the least time will be given priority.

Round 2 and 3:
  • The abstract submitted by each team is judged on the following point system:
    • Finding the exact incident at the crime scene: 20 points
    • Finding relevant clues in the crime scene: 10 points
    • Penalty for using the first extra clue: (-5) points
    • Penalty for using the second extra clue: (-15) points
    • Penalty for using the third extra clue: (-30) points
  • The aggregate of the score will be taken for each description, and the best answer will be chosen among the given three solutions for every team.
  • In case of a tie, the time of answering will be taken as the judging criterion.

1) Who can participate?
Team members from any college and course of study can participate.
2) Can cross-college teams be made?
Yes, cross-college teams could be made.

Prize Money: INR 20,000

  • Vinayak: 8948928192
  • Pavani: 7032080809
  • Vishnu: 9840995138
  • Rishika: 8825974162
Labyrinth is an online cryptic treasure hunt that tests your technical and analytical skills. This event will require immense general knowledge, prowess over the art of decoding clues, and a lot of common sense, coupled with a faithful internet connection.

The Event will be live at 8pm. Click here to participate in the event

Event Details:
  • Event Date: 19th - 22th March 2022
  • Mode - Online
  • There will be a total of 60 levels distributed over 4 days.
  • 15 levels each will be presented on Day 1 to Day 4, with an additional question (Level 0) provided on Day 1.
  • Base points for each level are calculated as follows:
    • Level 0 - 45: 200 points.
    • Level 46 - 60: 300 points.
  • Participants must submit the correct answer to proceed to the next level.
  • Bonus points will be awarded to the very first person who solves each level. All the other participants who solve the level will be awarded the base points alone.
  • Bonus points are awarded as follows:
    • Level 0: No bonus points
    • Level 1 - 15: 10 bonus points
    • Level 16 - 30: 20 bonus points
    • Level 31 - 45: 30 bonus points
    • Level 46 - 60: 50 bonus points
The participants will have to navigate their way through a series of cryptic levels of increasing difficulty, testing various skills to gain points.

At each level, clues will be hidden in the webpage itself. All you need to do is find the clues and the answer that relates all the clues and enter it in the input box provided.
Judging Criteria:
  • Participants will be ranked based on the points they score, and the scores will be displayed on the leaderboard.
  • In the case of ties, the participant who has completed the most recent level will be given priority.
  • In the case of further ties, the player who cracks the latest level first will be ranked first (the timestamps will be in milliseconds to reduce the chances of any ties).
  • All the answers should be entered in lowercase without punctuation or spaces. E.g., “Usain Bolt – 9.58” should be typed as “usainbolt958”.
  • All decisions by the event managers are final and binding.

Problem Statement:
Find the answer keys to the next level from the present level, based on the clues given on the page, including images, audio/visual information, page URL, QR Codes, and the source code of the webpage. Additional hints will be provided by the moderators on the forum.

1) Who can participate in the event?
Anyone who has registered for the event will be provided with a Pragyan ID using which they can participate in the event.
2) How does the ranking system work?
Players are ranked based on the points they score.
3) Where will I find clues?
Clues can be present anywhere on the Labyrinth webpage. The common places to find them are the page title, the URL, and the source code. The images or texts given on the webpage will be obvious clues as well.
4) What to do if I get stuck on a level?
Try to unearth all the clues. If you still feel stuck or have any queries about the level, feel free to clarify them on the forum. (Discussing or sharing answers/solutions will not be entertained).
5) What if the answers have more than one word?
The correct way to enter the answer is to type without spaces or punctuation between the words. All the answers should be in lowercase. E.g., If the answer is “Kyoto, Japan” you must enter the same as “kyotojapan” (without quotes).
6) What are the prerequisites I need?
No prerequisite skills are required to participate in this event. Quick wit, out-of-the-box thinking, and googling skills will help you most of the time.

Prize Money: INR 20,000

  • Abhishek: 7016508819
  • Harivathsan: 7305205660
  • Shrivijay: 9952907140
  • Ezhil: 6381553859
Coming up Soon!!!
How Stuff
If you are someone who has an inquisitive mind, who isn't afraid to question the working principle behind anything and everything, who is eager to learn more about how the world functions, then How Stuff Works is the perfect event for you. Brought to you by Pragyan in collaboration with Balls by Picasso, this event has been customised to test your creativity and out of the box thinking.

Event Details:
  • Event Dates:
    • Prelims: 5:00 PM, 18th March 2022
    • Finals: 10:00 AM, 20th March 2022
  • Mode - Offline
  • Contestants are required to participate in teams of two.
  • Prelims will be a written round.
  • The teams that finish within the top 8-10 positions in the prelims would qualify for the finals.
  • Cheating/misconduct by any means will lead to disqualification.
  • Further format of judging and scoring will be revealed during the event.
  • Prelims consist of a team quiz (written) with a maximum of two members in a team, which will happen on an online meeting platform. Details regarding the online meeting platform will be intimated later.
  • Finals consist of themed rounds (written) and regular rounds (bounce/pounce format) conducted on an online meeting platform.
1) What is HSW?
HSW stands for How Stuff Works, and as the name suggests, it deals with the working of any device or phenomenon from any field.
2) Should the participants possess any prerequisite specific knowledge to be able to compete in this event?
No, It is a general event that requires basic knowledge and common sense to describe any phenomenon.

Prize Money: INR 15,000

  • Abhinav: 9043925960
  • Thiyaneswaran: 8778070106
  • Parth: 8178460151
  • Sundara Srinivasan: 7010436102
The Business world is very dynamic and full of professionalism, it is full of its own intricacies. If you think you are someone who can tackle diverse problems related to a multitude of domains in business fields, then Biz Quiz, brought to you by Pragyan in collaboration with Balls by Picasso is the perfect opportunity to show off your skills and win exciting prizes.

Event Details:
  • Event Dates:
    • Prelims: 6:00 PM, 17th March 2022
    • Finals: 11:00 AM, 19th March 2022
  • Mode - Online
  • A maximum of two members are allowed per team.
  • Any malpractice during the quiz will lead to direct disqualification.
  • There will be two rounds, namely prelims and finals.
  • Prelims will be an online round that will be conducted on an online meeting platform, which will be intimated later.
  • The teams that finish within the top 8-10 positions in the prelims would qualify for the finals.
  • Finals will also be conducted on an online meeting platform in regular rounds (bounce/pounce format).
1) What is Biz Quiz?
This quiz covers a variety of topics in business, management, and related things.
2) Who can participate in the Biz Quiz?
Anyone can participate in this event after registering on the Pragyan website.
3) Should the participants possess any prerequisite business knowledge?
Some basic information and terminologies would be expected but the participants aren't expected to have in-depth knowledge.

Prize Money: INR 10,000

  • Abhinav: 9043925960
  • Swedhaa: 6379669812
  • Parth: 8178460151
  • Pratik Uthan: 6300614954
If you are someone who loves solving puzzles and quizzes and are always looking for a way to test your cognitive skills, Bounty Quiz, brought to you by Pragyan in collaboration with Balls by Picasso is the perfect opportunity to show off your skills and win exciting prizes while having fun.

Event Details:
  • Event Date: 5:00 PM, 20th March 2022
  • Mode - Online
  • Participation should be on an individual basis.
  • Any kind of malpractice will lead to immediate disqualification.
  • The decision of event managers is final and binding.
There will be 60 questions in total, divided into 20 levels. The questions would be objective.
  • Generate random button: A button that is to be pressed on each turn, that would generate a random number between 1 and 3.
  • The random number generated between 1 and 3 represents the serial number of the question that is to be answered.
  • Question: It will display the question corresponding to the tile the player lands on, i.e. 1, 2, or 3 in a particular level.
  • Answer: An input box will be provided for the participants to answer in. A maximum of 5 trials will be given for a particular question, and the points will be allotted as follows for a correct answer;
    • 15 points for the correct answer on the first try.
    • 13 points for the correct answer on the second try.
    • 12 points for the correct answer on the third try.
    • 11 points for the correct answer on the fourth try.
    • 10 points for the correct answer on the fifth try.
    • After 5 tries, the participant can either skip the question or use one of their lives.
  • Level Label: The label indicates the theme/type of question of that particular level and all 3 question choices in that level will be based on the same.
  • Score box: Displays the current score of the participant, which can be negative.
  • Skip for -5 points button: This would allow the participant to skip the current level for removal of 5 points from the current total score, which could be negative.
  • Life: A player can use one of their 3 lives to choose a different tile in a particular level if they aren't able to answer the question. The participant can opt to use a life once they have attempted a particular question 5 times, and they can use only one life at a particular level.
  • Instruction box/PopUp: This guides the participant on what to do in real time, like "Click on generate random to play your turn", "You have only 3 tries left for this question", "You have only 2 lives left", etc.
  • Starred Questions: The participants would gain an extra score if they answer these questions correctly.
    • 20 points for the correct answer on the first try.
    • 18 points for the correct answer on the second try.
    • 16 points for the correct answer on the third try.
    • 14 points for the correct answer on the fourth try.
    • 12 points for the correct answer on the fifth try.
    • After 5 tries, the user can either skip the question or use one of the lives.
Judging Criteria:
If the participant cannot get the answer right in the given five chances per question, they can either use a life or take -5 and move to the next level, both of which will have corresponding buttons on the screen, by doing the same process again, starting with the random number generator.

  • Abhinav: 9043925960
  • Thiyaneswaran: 8778070106
  • Swedhaa: 6379669812
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