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  • A team must comprise of not more than 3 participants.

  • Prior registration on Pragyan’s website is required in order to participate in the online round.

  • The decision of judges is final and binding.

Judging Criteria:

For debugging round:

  • This round will have a time limit of 45 mins.

  • Points will be given based on the following factors - 

    • The closeness of the output with the required output, 

    • Operation conditions, and 

    • The number of components used.

  • Also, if the team completes debugging in t minutes, then the team gets additional points of (45-t)*10.

  • Virtual money = Total points.

For the circuit design round: 

  • Same factors as stated in the second criterion above.

  • The neatness of the circuit.

  • Virtual money that is left.