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  • Each race will have one lap.

  • The track will have a set number of checkpoints which can be used in case of vehicle malfunction on the track. Participating teams are allowed to pick their vehicles and start from the previous checkpoint (battery changing is not allowed).

Vehicle Restriction:

  • Operating battery voltage: less than 15 volts.
  • Motor: no restriction on the type of motor used.
  • Size of the Car:
    • Length: 30-35cm
    • Breadth: 20-25cm
    • Height: 15-20cm   

(The external device which is used to control the machine is not included in the size constraint).

  • Radio transmission: The machine has to be necessarily controlled by a wireless remote-control system. Participants are required to use a remote control of frequency of band spectrum 2.4 GHz.

Brief description of Track:

The total distance of the track will be around 50m with sections made up of:

  • Inclinations and Declinations ( of 30angle)

  • Sand 

  • Wet sand (muddy track)

  • Road (asphalt/concrete)

  • Iron mesh (a raised platform)

  • Rocks (pebble/small rocks)

Among a few others.