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Round 1 (Day 1):

  • The participants (in teams of two) will be given a problem site with details about the infrastructure that already exists in the proximity (like buildings, drainage systems, etc).

  • A suitable type of building should be suggested by the participants along with a small write-up on why such a building was suggested, within the given time limit of 45 mins. 

  • Based on how well the factors have been taken into consideration in deciding the type of building, 8 teams will be selected by the judge(s).

Round 2 (Day 2):

  • A design problem will be given with a particular time limit. A maximum of 30 minutes will be given for research. The participants are expected to design a building based on the requirements using SketchUp within 3 hours and submit the files. 

  • Once the design is done, a small presentation should be put up in front of the jury, for which each team can present for a maximum of 15 minutes.