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  • A team should have 2 or 3 members.

  • The design mix should strictly adhere to the Indian Standards Code (IS 456).

  • It is necessary to get the design report attested by the Head of the Department of your college.

  • Abstract should be uploaded in the website on or before 24th February 2020.

  • The design mix report should be in the standard format as mentioned in the resources.

  • Any violation or deviation from the criteria mentioned in the problem statement will result in the disqualification of the team.

  • Any violation from the rules mentioned will also lead to disqualification of the team.

  • The judges’ decision will remain final.


Judging criteria:

The contestants will be judged on the following points:

  • Least weight
    • The least average weight among the contestants will be adopted as the datum, say D kg. Teams with average weight of their cubes falling within D kg and (D + 5% of D) kg will proceed for the oral round. In case the number of teams falling within this range is low, then the top five teams with the lowest average weights will proceed for the oral round.
    • The next section is applicable to only those teams that qualify for the oral round.
    • Points awarded for the least weight will be equal to (2.5 – w)*25, where ‘w’ is the average weight of the three cubes in kg.
    • Note: Only teams scoring positive points in this will proceed to the next stage. For example, if the average weight of the cubes turn out to be 2.6 kg then points awarded will be (2.5-2.6)*25= -2.5, in which case the contestants automatically fail to qualify, even if the team finishes in the top five.


  • Compressive strength
    • The Comprehensive strength of concrete for 14 days gonna test using UTM.


  • Design report
    • The design report to be submitted online will carry 10 marks and will be awarded by the judge. Contestants are advised to stick to the design format provided in the Pragyan website.


  • Oral briefing
    • The oral presentation will be conducted by the judge, who will also question the team members on the submitted design report. This section will carry a total of 10 marks.


  • Marking Scheme
    • Comprehensive Strength - 60
    • Least weight - 20
    • Design Report - 10
    • Oral briefing - 10