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Town Trace

There have been umpteen occassions where we criticize the planning and development of roads in our cities. Between traffic deadlocks and poorly maintained roads, there are many problems that yearn for solutions. Town Trace gives you an opportunity to present an existing real-life problem and propose a solution for the same using Applications of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) for creating Smart City in India.

Deadline for abstract submission: 7th March 2020.

Date: 14th March 2020

Time: 9:00 AM

Venue: Seminar Hall, Civil Department

Prize Money INR 25,000

Round 1 - Abstract Submission:

Partcipants must submit abstract before 7th March 2020

Details for abstract submission are:

  • Description about the study city.
  • Existing conditions of the selected city based on traffic conditions and road infrastructure.
  • Discuss the issues with respect to any specific problems within the city.
  • Propose a solution to solve the issues with application of ITS.
  • Discuss the feasibility of the proposed solutions.
  • Discuss how the proposed applications are going to be demonstrated
  • This round is eliminative.

Round 2 - Presentation:

  • Participants for the second round should bring their presentation to NIT Trichy during Pragyan.

  • The demonstration should be done, explaining the features and the factors they have considered for the design.

  • Maximum given time for demonstration is 10 minutes and 5 minutes for interaction with judge.

  • Maximum of 3 people per team.
  • The abstract must contain less than 300 words.
  • The judges' decision will remain final.


Judging criteria:

  • Report: 10 Marks
  • Presentation: 20 Marks
  • Question and Answer: 20 Marks
  • 3D software/Videos/Planning Software/Poster: 50 Marks

Problem statement:

  • Choose any one city within India whichever the team is familiar.
  • Study existing traffic conditions and road infrastructure of the city and find the critical issues that need attention or that can be modified using ITS.
  • Find ways in which ITS can be used to improve traffic safety or relieve traffic congestion, reduce air pollution, increase energy efficiency, and improve homeland security.
  • Give emphasis to smartphone usage for use in ITS applications or other sensing technologies which are suitable for Indian conditions.
  • Identify how real-time information (e.g.  travel time, travel speed, delay, accidents on roads, change in route, diversions, work zone conditions) can be delivered using electronic devices like variable message signs, highway advisory radio, internet, SMS, automated call etc. ITS applications like Emergency vehicle notification systems, Automatic road enforcement, Variable speed limits, Collision avoidance systems can be proposed for the city.
  • Propose the possible ITS applications for creating the smart city.
  • Refer various ITS applications in other Indian cities and around the world.
  • Consider all categories of people (Child, Adult, Elder and Disabled)  
  • Use any 3D software/Videos/Planning Software/Poster/Etc. to demonstrate the proposed smart city and comparisons between existing and proposed conditions. (Ex: Automatic Braking System or Emergency Vehicle Notification Systems/Etc.).


1) Are cross-college teams allowed?
Yes. Cross-college teams are allowed.

2) Are interdepartmental teams allowed?
Yes. You can have members from different departments. 

3) Are UG-PG collaborations allowed?
No. Only UG students are allowed to participate in the event.



1) Raghul: 96005 19581

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