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Round 1 - Abstract Submission:

Partcipants must submit abstract before 7th March 2020

Details for abstract submission are:

  • Description about the study city.
  • Existing conditions of the selected city based on traffic conditions and road infrastructure.
  • Discuss the issues with respect to any specific problems within the city.
  • Propose a solution to solve the issues with application of ITS.
  • Discuss the feasibility of the proposed solutions.
  • Discuss how the proposed applications are going to be demonstrated
  • This round is eliminative.

Round 2 - Presentation:

  • Participants for the second round should bring their presentation to NIT Trichy during Pragyan.

  • The demonstration should be done, explaining the features and the factors they have considered for the design.

  • Maximum given time for demonstration is 10 minutes and 5 minutes for interaction with judge.