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Pragyan Premier League

Pragyan Premier League is an online fantasy cricket league that lets you manage your own team. From buying your squad to deciding the line-ups, your decisions decide the fate of your team. A dynamic environment combined with real, rival managers worldwide forces you to strategize and master the odds to outwit your opponent. 

Eight days. Eight matches. One team. Do you have what it takes to lead your team to glory?

The event is live now! Visit ppl.pragyan.org to play the game!

For queries related to the event, visit forum.pragyan.org

On-Campus Round Date: 14th March 2020

Prize Money INR 30,000

  • Round 1 - Online Round:

    • One trial round (not counted in the league rankings) to help players familiarize themselves with the game.

    • One chance to buy your squad for the league.

    • Eight simulated matches.

  • Round 2 - On-site Round:
    • The tournament will follow the standard knockout format starting with 16 teams.

    • Ball by ball simulated matches with five overs per inning.

    • Live auction (with automatic disqualification if at least 11 players are not bought).

    • Top 16 teams from the online round are invited.


  • Each team is required to buy a squad of minimum 11 players. This squad is retained throughout Round 1.

  • Financial and minimum player type constraints (minimum of 3 bowlers, 1 all-rounder, and 1 wicket-keeper) are present.

  • Each team must choose 11 players for each match.

  • Players can be sold between the league.

  • No points are awarded for saving money in the entire process. A user is free to spend all of the given money as seen fit.

  • They will retain the previously chosen team if no team has been chosen for a successive match.

  • Virtual matches are simulated and scores of each player and team are determined.

  • Match length will be of 20 overs.

  • The league table is updated after every match based on the points and net run rate.

  • The top 16 teams at the end of Round 1 will qualify for Round 2.

  • The decision of the judges will be final and binding on all the participants of the event.


Judging criteria:

  • Participants start with zero points.

  • For every match, all the players are awarded points based on their performance in the algorithmically simulated match.

  • The participant’s total score is the sum of his/her individual players’ (playing 11) score.

  • The top 16 teams qualify for the second round.

Players are required to try and gain maximum points by buying a team of players with a given fixed budget and making various decisions based on dynamic and static factors introduced in the game.


1) Can I make changes to my squad after entering the game?
No, you cannot make changes to your squad after choosing them. You can only pick your playing 11 from your squad for every match.

2) What playing combination should I use?
Minimum of 3 Bowlers, 1 All-rounder, and 1 Wicket-keeper.

3) What happens if I do not submit a playing 11 for a match?
The playing 11 from your previous match will be chosen automatically.

4) Are multiple accounts allowed?
No. Any team found violating this rule will be disqualified immediately.

5) Are there any bonus points?
No. There are no bonus points.

6) When will the matches be simulated?
11:59 p.m. of every match day.



1) Prakhar Singh: 75003 87838
2) Adarsh Patel: 78870 34748 
3) VS Rahul: 97867 69053

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