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  • Each team is required to buy a squad of minimum 11 players. This squad is retained throughout Round 1.

  • Financial and minimum player type constraints (minimum of 3 bowlers, 1 all-rounder, and 1 wicket-keeper) are present.

  • Each team must choose 11 players for each match.

  • Players can be sold between the league.

  • No points are awarded for saving money in the entire process. A user is free to spend all of the given money as seen fit.

  • They will retain the previously chosen team if no team has been chosen for a successive match.

  • Virtual matches are simulated and scores of each player and team are determined.

  • Match length will be of 20 overs.

  • The league table is updated after every match based on the points and net run rate.

  • The top 16 teams at the end of Round 1 will qualify for Round 2.

  • The decision of the judges will be final and binding on all the participants of the event.


Judging criteria:

  • Participants start with zero points.

  • For every match, all the players are awarded points based on their performance in the algorithmically simulated match.

  • The participant’s total score is the sum of his/her individual players’ (playing 11) score.

  • The top 16 teams qualify for the second round.