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The Ultimate Manager

Team Pragyan presents, The Ultimate Manager. An event geared towards honing your hidden managerial skills and unearth The Ultimate Manager in you! If you think you have the confidence that can sway the world in the direction of your wisdom, unleash your hidden caliber and let your ideas burn bright. 

Prize Money INR 45,000

On-Campus Round Dates: 13th-14th March 2020

Visit: dare2compete-the-ultimate-manager

  • ROUND 1 – InQUIZitive - Day 1

  • ROUND 2 – Tower of Hanoi - Day 1

  • ROUND 3 – Case Study - Day 2    

  • ROUND 4 – Press Meet - Day 2

  • ROUND 5 – The Ultimatum - Day 2


ROUND 1 – InQUIZitive

  • This is an event held both, online and offline - participants should opt either one.

  • The online quiz will start on 29th February 2020.

  • The offline round will happen during Pragyan.

  • This round is eliminative.

  • 30 questions - There is no negative marking.

  • Topics: Business Aptitude, BQuiz, Current Affairs etc. 

  • Differing weightage will be given to the questions.

  • This round is to be attempted individually.

ROUND 2 – Tower of Hanoi

  • The organisers will divide participants into groups of 4 members.

  • The participants will be shown a particular order to solve the Tower of Hanoi problem.

  • After showing the sequence there will be a standby time of 2 mins. Teams will be provided 4-5 mins to solve the puzzle tower.

  • Elimination round: 5 groups will be selected.

ROUND 3 – Case Study

  • Participants will be working with the same team as Round 2.

  • The teams will be provided a Case Study with the following time constraints:

    • 1 hour for PPT preparation.

    • 5 minutes for PPT presentation.

    • 3 minutes for a Q&A session with the panel.

  • Laptops are necessary.

  • This round is eliminative and 8 - 10 participants will be shortlisted.

ROUND 4 – Press Meet

  • A crisis situation will be given.

  • Participants will have 10 minutes to prepare.

  • They will be given 2 minutes to explain their situation.

  • 8 minutes Q&A from the ‘Press’ (crowd and judges).

  • This round is eliminative and 5 - 6 participants will be shortlisted.

ROUND 5 – The Ultimatum

  • A multitasking situation will be created.

  • 15 minutes for each participant.

  • The participant will be working in a critical situation and needs to focus and manage several tasks at the same time.


Judging criteria:

  • Managerial skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Teamwork

  • Creativity

  • Stress-handling

  • Problem-solving abilities

  • Decision-making skills

Will be updated soon.


1) What does The Ultimate Manager aim to do?
The Ultimate Manager is an event that tests your business and managerial skills.

2) What does this event entail? How many rounds does it have?
The event tests the managerial capabilities of an individual through a series of five rounds. The first round is a business quiz. All rounds are eliminative. The qualifying candidates move on to the next round.

3) Who can participate in this event?
It is open to all students.  

4) How do you register for the event?
Online/Limited on-spot registration.



1) Prakhar Singh: 75003 87838 
2) Jaydeep: 90321 00398 
3) Aravind A: 85478 87478

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