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Round 1:  

  • Teams will need to submit an abstract of their theory in a minimum of 500 words. 

  • Graphs and diagrams along with the abstract will be appreciated.  

  • Ten teams will be shortlisted based on the judging criteria.   

  • The deadline to submit the abstract is a month before Pragyan and it should be uploaded as a PDF.

Round 2:

  • Every team must explain its theory with a presentation. 

  • The presentation can be in any format - PPT, Prezi, video, audio, etc.  

  • Each team will have 8 minutes for stage presentation. 

  • The time limit will be strictly enforced. 

  • Audio and video facilities will be provided.  

  • When questions are asked, participants will need to defend their theories.

  • The Q&A session will go on for 1-3 minutes. 

  • The shortlisted candidates must submit their final presentation a week before the event.

  • The teams will be judged, and 5 teams will be shortlisted based on judging criteria.  

Round 3:

  • Each team will be provided with an option to choose one of the chits provided by the  organisers.  

  • Each team will have to either prove or disprove the myth with the help of scientific laws, mathematics, etc.  

  • Only chalk and board will be provided to the teams.  

  • The time limit for this session will be 6 minutes.  

  • When questions are asked by judges or audience, teams will be needed to defend their theories.

  • Evaluation will be based on the judging criteria.