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The event consists of 4 rounds –

1) Aptitude Test (Eliminative Round)
2) Sudoku
3) Maze Trio
4) Stack the Rack

The event will be conducted in 2 sessions. The aptitude test will be conducted in the first session. Shortlisted teams advance to the next session where the remaining 3 rounds will be conducted back to back.

  • Round 1 - Aptitude Test
    This will be a Pen and Paper Test which will consist of 20 various reasoning type questions containing Alphabet Series, Number Series, Diagrammatic Reasoning, Clocks and Calendar, Chain Rule and Average, and Age Questions. This will be an eliminative round. A maximum of 100 points can be scored (5 points per question). There will be a timer running adjacently, and the same will be used to resolve ties.
    10 Teams will be shortlisted for the next 3 rounds.
  • Round 2 - Sudoku
    The teams will be given a 3D Sudoku Puzzle to solve. However, if any team skips this level, the time penalty will be 30 minutes. There will be a time penalty of 2 minutes for each mistake in the Sudoku, till 10 mistakes. If the number of mistakes is more than 10, it will be considered as skipping the level and the time penalty will be implemented accordingly. There will be no points for this level, only time will be considered.
  • Round 3: Maze Trio
    After submitting the sudoku, the team will be given a maze which will have 3 entrances. The twist is that all the 3 team members will have to solve the maze simultaneously. The members of the team will choose the entrance they want to start from and will have to meet in the center. There will be no points for this level, only time will be considered.
  • Round 4: Card Stacking
    This round will test one’s patience along with one’s speed. The teams, after completing Round 3, will be given a pack of 52 cards. They will have to stack the cards in order to make a pyramid (basically, a house of cards). The structure should consist of 5 tiers. Again, there are no partial points. There should be a completed structure at the end of this round.