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1) Who can participate in the event?
Anyone who has got their name registered will be provided with Pragyan ID. With these, you can participate in the event.

2) How does the ranking system work?
Players are ranked based on the points they score. 

3) Where will I find clues?
Clues can be present anywhere on the Labyrinth webpage. Common places are Page title, URL, source code. The images or texts that are given will be obvious clues.

4) What to do if I get stuck on a level?
Try to unearth all the clues. If you have any queries, feel free to start a discussion on the forum. (Discussing or sharing answers will not be entertained).

5) What if the answers have more than one word?
The correct way to enter the answer is to type without spaces or punctuation between the words. All the answers should be in lowercase. Eg: If the answer is ‘Tokyo, Japan’ then you must enter the same as “tokyojapan” (without quotes).

6) What are the prerequisites I need?
Zero skills are needed to participate in this event. Just out-of-the-box thinking and googling skills will help you most of the time.



1) Tarun: 81075 56706
2) Aqib: 91234 36335