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  • Submit the correct answer to proceed to the next level.

  • Bonus points will be awarded to the person who solves the clues first.

  • Players will be ranked based on points they score.

  • Daily prizes will be given for the person who reaches the specified level first (based on time) on that day.

  • Points are calculated as follows : 
    • Solving a level (till level 50) awards the player with 200 points.
    • The first player to crack a level gets bonus points. Everyone else gets the base 200 points only.
    • Levels 51+ don’t award bonus points when solved first, but instead offer 400 points to every player who solves them.
    • Bonus points are awarded as follows :
      Level 0             : No bonus points
      Level 1 - 20      : 10 bonus points
      Level 21 - 30    : 20 bonus points
      Level 31 - 40    : 30 bonus points
      Level 41 - 50    : 50 bonus points


  • In case of ties, the player who cracks the latest level first will be ranked first (the time stamps will be in milliseconds to reduce the chances of ties).

  • All the answers should be in lowercase without punctuation. Eg: “Asphalt’s-123” should be typed as “asphalts123”.

  • All decisions by the event managers are final and binding.


Judging criteria:

  • Players are ranked in order of the points they score.

  • In case of ties, the participant who has completed the most recent level will be given priority.