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1) What are the weights assigned to each section?

Hard - 1000 points
Medium - 600 points
Easy - 300 points

2) What if many people copy my answer?
For each section, the scoring starts out with maximum points and reduces as time progresses. The formula is given in the Judging Criteria. The minimum number of points a person can score is capped at (Max points for section)/2 i.e. Hard – 500, Medium - 300 and Easy - 150. 

3) Can I come back to the Hard section after I finish Easy?
You can move one level up on any one of the three days.

4) What happens if I finish before time?
Your score is locked and you can’t proceed to earlier sections.

5) Will spare time be carried over to succeeding days?
No. Spare time will not be carried over to the succeeding days.



1) Tejas: 96775 50802
2) Giri: 93813 23227
3) Aqib: 91234 36335