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Testing your logical and analytical skills, this event will challenge you to find clues from given evidence, make your case and solve a crime. 

Prize Money INR 25,000

On-Campus Round Date: 14th-15th March 2020

The event consists of three rounds.

Round 1:

  • This will be a written round.

  • This round will test your reasoning and aptitude and will have negative marking.

  • It is an eliminative round.

Round 2:

  • Around 6-8 teams will be shortlisted for this round.

  • In this round, 6 audio clips will be played and participants have to figure out what took place.

  • 4 teams will move on to round 3.

Round 3:

  • The top 4 teams will race against time to solve the crime scenes around them.


  • Maximum of three members per team.

  • Usage of any electronic device during the event is strictly prohibited.

  • The decision of the event managers will be deemed final.


Judging criteria:

Round 1:

  • Marks scored.

Round 2:

  • Marks will be awarded based on how accurate the participants are, and on the number of voice clips required by each team to reach a conclusion.

  • Marks will be reduced for each extra voice clip.

Round 3:

  • Time taken to solve the crime scene.

  • Hints deduced.

Will be updated soon.


1) Who can participate? 
Team members from any college and course of study can participate.

2) Are cross-college teams allowed?
Yes. Any student from any college can participate along with any other, provided they have valid IDs.      



1) Laksmanan: +91 97904 32692
2) Kavin: +91 98427 24408
3) Aqib: +91 91234 36335 

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