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The event is geared towards participants interested in remote-controlled boats, to test the design, degree of control over the boat, strategic analysis and problem-solving skills.

Prize Money INR 60,000

Deadline for abstract Submission(written): 7th March 2020(Extended)

On-Campus Round Date: 13th March 2020

Written abstract round:

  • The participants must submit the written abstract containing the details of every part used in the boat.

  • The abstracts must be submitted on or before 7th March 2020, 11:59 p.m. 

  • The written abstract must be formatted along these lines:

    • The boat must consist of a hook to carry a payload.

    • Boat’s dimensions with the inclusion of the hook’s dimensions.

    • A detailed description of the method of power delivery, along with suitable diagrams/ figures or images, must be included. 

    • In the case of deploying previously unknown, lesser-known or unusual mechanisms, a brief description must be submitted.

    • The specifications of all the components used, including motors, remote controller, wires, battery etc. must be mentioned.

  • The abstract file should be named as Teamname_collegename.

Video abstract round:

  • The participants are required to videograph the mobility of their boat (maximum of 5 minutes).

  • This must be uploaded on or before 9th March 2020(extended). 

  • This is an eliminative round. 

  • Video file should be named as Teamname_collegename.

  • E-mail your video abstract to jalyaan@pragyan.org . The subject of your email should be Jalyaan - Video Abstract. And your email should contain your team name and names of all your team members along with contact details.

Onsite round:

  • The selected teams must report to NIT Trichy, for the on-site rounds on the day of Pragyan

  • On-Site Round 1:

    • It tests the load capacity of the boat (boat should have a hook to carry the load).

    • Participating teams must pull the load using the hook.

    • Participants will be judged by the time taken to complete the round.

  • On-Site Round 2:

    • The round includes solving puzzles while bursting opponent’s balloons and overcoming obstacles.

    • All the boats will be competing in the pool, at the same time and the respective teams must save their balloons.

    • The team with most points will win.

  • If a boat starts before the whistle, the race will be restarted, and it will be given a second chance. However, if any boat starts before the whistle a second time, it will be disqualified.

  • The participants must place their boats at the start/finish line before the start of the race.

  • If there is a tie, the tied teams will be given 1 more run.

  • The track will have checkpoints at regular intervals. If a boat tumbles, or halts, or goes off the arena at any point during the run, one of the organizers will lift it up and place it at the last registered/crossed checkpoint, and during which time the stopwatch(es) will be paused.

Rules regarding teams and their boats:

  • Strictly 3 members are allowed in each team.

  • The team need not consist of members from the same college.

  • There is no restriction on the number of teams from each college.

  • Length of the boat should be less than 17 inches.

  • The width of the boat should be less than 8 inches.

  • The battery used should have a capacity of less than 12V.

  • RPM of the motor should be less than 8000. More than one motor, if required, can be used.

  • When one participant is performing, others have to hand over their remote controllers to the events team/organisers.

  • Under all circumstances, the decision taken by judges and event coordinators is final and binding. 

Judging criteria:

  • In the first round, the participants should complete a track in minimum possible time and each boat must be able to carry 2 loads.

  • Participants will be judged on the basis of least time recorded.

  • In the second round, 4 balloons will be attached to the boat and a needle to the front.

  • Participants will have to solve puzzles while protecting the balloons from their opponents. If all the balloons are burst, the team fails the round and they are eliminated.

  • For solving the puzzle, 10 points are given.

  • For bursting the balloons, 2 points are given.

  • Puzzle solving - The participants are required to solve the given puzzle. The answer to the puzzle will be in the form of words wherein she/he requires to control the boat to travel from the first letter to the last letter which is placed in the pool.

Design a remote-controlled boat which can complete a track with obstacles in the least amount of time and can pull loads around 1 kg in water.


1) Is it a maximum of 3 people or strictly a team of 3?
Strictly 3 members are allowed in a team.

2) Can a team consist of participants from different colleges?
Yes. You can have participants from different colleges in a team. 

3) Is UG-PG collaboration allowed?
Yes. UG-PG collaboration is allowed.

4) Is there any registration fee?
No. There is no special registration fee for the event. 

5) When will I be intimated if I am selected for the next round?
As soon as the round is completed and evaluation is done, you will be intimated over a phone call for the same, if qualified.

6) Will any facility for charging our equipment be given at the venue?
Yes. You will be given a charging facility at the venue. 

7) Are on-spot registrations allowed?


1) Devandra: 91012 86571
2) Abhishek: 95216 00969

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