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Round 1:

  • Participants have to upload an abstract of their quad design in a specified format before 7th March 2020. The format of the abstract must be downloaded from here.

  • Participants have to upload a video abstract of their quad design in a specified format before 9th March 2020(extended). Video file should be named as Teamname_collegename. E-mail your video abstract to quad@pragyan.org . The subject of your email should be Quadcombat - Video Abstract. And your email should contain your team name and names of all your team members along with contact details.

Round 2: 

  • This round will be held during Pragyan at NIT Trichy.

  • Basic manoeuvrability of the quad like the control on the quad and the lift of the quad (Includes take off, landing and taking turns etc.) will be checked.

  • This round is to ensure safe control of the quad and to prevent any mishaps in the further rounds. 

  • This is an eliminative round and those who are able to perform simple manoeuvres can move on to the next round.

Round 3:

  • In this round, the design standard of the quadcopter will be evaluated.

  • Additionally, participants have to manoeuvre the quad through the obstacles with the given standard payload (Obstacle Clearance with Payload).

  • They have to traverse the path and come back without having touched any obstacles and the time taken will be noted.

  • Each quad will be given two chances to complete the round and the best of the two will be taken into consideration.