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  • A maximum of 5 members are allowed per team. 

  • Members of the team can be from different colleges.

  • Mass of quadcopter should be a maximum of 2.5 kg.

  • The minimum dimensions of the quad should be 15cm x 15cm(no minimum restriction for height) and the quad must fit into a box of dimension 50 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm.

  • Use of readily-available actuators/motors, remote control units, electronic speed controllers and propellers is allowed. 

  • Teams should bring their own remote controls, and the operating frequency should be 2.4 GHz. Radios with any other frequency are prohibited for use during the event.

  • Ready-to-use kits and ready-made building kits are strictly prohibited.

  • All the resources provided at the time of competition from the organizers should be strictly used only after the consent of the organizers.

  • Under all circumstances, judges' and event coordinators' decisions are final and binding. 

Judging Criteria:

Round 1:

  • The time taken by the participants to complete the task will be taken into account and scores will be administered accordingly.

  • Negative points shall be awarded if the quad touches the ground.

  • The drone needs to push a light sponge ball from the starting point and will be making laps till the specified time gets completed.

Round 2:

  • Points will be given on the basis of the time taken to complete the task. Lesser the time, the more points scored.

  • In case of a tie, the RC skills of the team shall be taken into account.

  • The scores from previous rounds may be considered to determine the winner in case of ties.

  • Points will be deducted if the payload is dropped at any point of time before the finish line is reached. 

  • Further negative points will be awarded if the quad touches the ground except at predetermined spots designated for that purpose. 

  • Hitting any obstacle in the track will result in a penalty.

  • Moving outside the track will result in a penalty.