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Dr. David Reitze

The special theory of relativity by Einstein was based on the fabric of space-time wherein massive bodies influenced this fabric, causing the revolution of planets around Sun. However, these became jargon in the 1920s, with a coup d'etat by Newtonian Physics.

On 14th September 2015, ripples in spaces, known as G Waves were recorded for the first time, at the LIGO observatories, located in the quiet towns of Hanford and Livingston. This watershed moment in gravitational wave astronomy, was spearheaded by Dr. David Reitze.

A Fellow of the  American Physical Society and The Optical Society, he obtained his BA in 1983 from Northwestern University and his PhD in Physics from the University of Texas at Austin in 1990. He also was a faculty member for Physics, at the University of Florida, and an alumni of the famed CalTech. He is currently the director of LIGO.

He is among the foremost, in using laser-based interferometric Gravitational wave detection, paving way for more innovations in this field. His recent ventures include proposals for introducing LIGOs in India.

This Pragyan, be there to listen as he talks about his journey!