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Dr. Teri W Odom

Dr Teri W Odom is an American chemist and a materials scientist. She is a professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University as well as the Chair of the Department of Chemistry and the Associate Director of the International Institute of Nanotechnology at the same institution.

Highly established in the domains that she works in, her primary research interests include nanomaterials and their size and shape dependent properties as well as their fabrication through patterning. She’s a member of the editorial advisory board of several reputed groundbreaking journals such as ACS Nano, Chemical Physics Letters, Journal of Physical Chemistry and Nano Letters. She's also currently the Executive Editor of the journal ACS Photonics. 

A fellow of all major bodies in the field of chemistry and materials science, her style of teaching has also garnered her a lot of praise for its unique exploratory style. Do not miss out on the opportunity to learn from Dr Odom as she takes the stage, this Pragyan!