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#1. My Part of Kashmir

From happily singing 'Jana Gana Mana ...' to 'we want freedom', My part of Kashmir is a story of a boy who lost his friends from both the communities (Pundits and Muslims), almost lost his life three times but still made it through in one of the bloodiest armed conflict in the world.

#Prejudice: Region


#2. Acid Attack Survivor

"These scars you see are but the reminders of the battles I have fought and the battles I have won." 

Following an acid attack fuelled by rage over unrequited love, a young doctor was left devastated and wondered if she would ever have the courage to get up and face the world again. 

This is the story of that woman, whose unwavering determination didn't stop her from being the person she had always wanted to be. The doctor, who decided to embrace her scars and serve the society irrespective of how they treated her disfigurement.

#Prejudice: Acid Attack Survivor


#3. Polyamorous

Neither a slut nor a commitment-phobe. What does it mean to be a polyamorous woman in India? Find out.

#Prejudice: Polyamory


#4. Politician

A leader and pleader, this book comes as a breath of fresh air in a country where the youth is only going further away from the concept of politics and governance. Listen to his tales of operating as a leader of the youth wing of political party, the ups and downs that checked his patience and his sincere thoughts towards servant leadership while he answers your many questions on, WHY politics? 

#Prejudice: Career


#5. Performance Artist - Art of the ailing body

An artist who dresses up as a character is Theatre artist. An artist who dresses up into genders is Drag Artist. An artist who dresses up into superheroes is a Cosplay artist. An artist who dress up to disgust its audience is a Butoh artist. An artist who dresses his body itself with art is a Performance Artist. The world where blood is blood and body is real. Where both artist and audiences create a piece. Welcome to the world of performance.

#Prejudice: Queer art/Performance arts


#6. Gain from Veganism

My reason for becoming a vegan started out ethically and later included several others. I talk about animals, health and the environment. As a medical student, I would love to change the scene in the future with simple changes in the diet rather than long lists of medications.

#Prejudice: Lifestyle


#7. Sexual harassment; Child Abuse

The story of growing up transgender in Indian society.

#Prejudice: Gender and child abuse


#8. Female Biker

She can only feel the roar of her bike. This is the journey of a female biker who is hard of hearing.

#Prejudice: Female biker and hard on hearing


#9. Alopecia

Alopecia is a condition wherein loss of hair or baldness occurs. This is the story of a woman living with it!

#Prejudice: Alopecia


#10. Stutterer

IMAGINE... that you want to say something, and you know exactly what to say and how to say, but you can't bring yourself to do it?

You are constantly stuck on a sound or a word or sentence, and no matter how hard you try, you just cannot get to the end of it? When "It is at the tip of my tongue..." is a constant feeling that haunts every conversation you ever have.

The heartwarming story of a professional social worker, an accomplished dramatist and an aspiring lecturer with a communication disorder called stuttering. 

#Prejudice: Stutterer


#11. Kintsugi - The art of embracing damages and mending broken souls

Indu speaks about her journey with divorce, depression, domestic violence, and how she picked herself up and went on to start a support group for others dealing with issues similar to hers. 

#Prejudice: Divorcee


#12. Mothering LGBTQ children

As a mother of a single child, I had dreams like most parents until one day, my son told me of his dream. That moment marked the beginning of my new journey.

#Prejudice: LGBTQ


#13. Sexuality; Abuse; Self-harm

A touching tale about abuse, bisexuality, and depression

#Prejudice: Sexuality, mental health

#14. Rebel with a Cause

The demons were outside as well as within. Guilt, hurt and holding on to negative feelings. Tired of carrying the baggage on my shoulder I started my way on a journey to knock down self-doubt, self-hatred, self-destructive behaviour. A small-town girl's head-on with abuse & the trauma that followed, the societal prejudice about her sexuality, losing a loved one but getting back up to deal with life, realizing that the hurt does not have to hurt back. 

#Prejudice: Abuse, sexuality, mental health

#15. The Fearless Traveller

Listen to the musings of a timid, shy and emotionally hurt boy in his teens takes his first solo travel fighting his family, situations, with almost no money. Follow him as he breaks personal limitations and opens up to the goodness of life as travel heals him, gives him the courage, inspiration and opportunities to follow his passion and achieve success and happiness.

#Prejudice: Career