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To all the tech enthusiasts looking for the right mentorship to nurture your idea, Pragyan, NIT Trichy brings to you the first edition of Young Techie. The students of class VIII to X are invited to submit their abstract in about 200 words to avail the opportunity of a 6-week long project development program with the technical clubs of NIT Trichy. 


Pragyan aims to bridge the gap between ideation and execution with this initiative. Finalists will be mentored by the technical clubs of NIT Trichy and their projects will be displayed during Pragyan, which is scheduled to be held from the 12th to the 15th of March, 2020.


The project ideas should be software-based and should fall into the following themes:

  1. Energy and Environment 

Project examples - Reducing electricity usage, finding the type of waste, etc.

  1. Healthcare and Agriculture

Project examples - Finding the crops best suited to Trichy, calorie calculator, etc.

  1. Defence 

Project examples - Assuring the quality of defence equipment, detecting malicious programs, etc.

  1. Education

Project examples - Grade calculator, attendance calculator etc.


Please include your email ID and contact number in your abstracts, and submit the same by January 25, 2020 along with a scanned copy of your school IDs. The selected teams will be notified through mail or phone. Send your abstracts to youngtechie@pragyan.org


  • Maximum number of participants in each team is 4.

  • The project idea must fit into only one of the four themes.

  • A single individual may not be a part of more than one team.

  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

  • The decision of the judges is deemed final and binding.

  • Certificates will be given to every participant.

  • Stellar mentorship will be provided to the participants.

  • Endowments will be given.

  • Novelty.

  • Significance of the problem.

  • Feasibility.

  • Sustainability.

  • Scale of impact.

  • User experience.

  • Scope of transforming into a merchantable product.

Meera: +91 97477 03061

Pooja: +91 88700 80383

Navin: +91 73972 32800